Technorati Redesigns


Awhile ago on another blog, someone mentioned something about Technorati having some sort of “widget” that allows you to get a quick appraisal of the value of a site. I have not found that widget (and would still like to find it so if you know where to find it, drop it in comments), so I decided to go take another perusal when “Wham!” I was greeted by a complete redesign of Technorati. Amazing.
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WordCamp Venue

The word on the street, for those of you planning on attending WordCamp 2006 (see you there), that it will be held at the Swedish American Hall (map) on Market St. Though this has yet to be officially confirmed, I’ve got it through a very reliable Automattic lead developer source that it’s almost a sure deal.

Sometimes Blogging Hurts

For all that blogging is cutout to be – a powerful, grassroots medium where common people can exchange ideas and affect change – it can really hurt sometimes. This is probably an unusual statement for me to make as I tend to be an advocate for blunt and uncensored honesty followed by a smack on the ass and some kind of encouragement to “get back in the game and give ’em hell!” It’s easy for me to leverage aggressive words and accept brutal trackbacks attacking my positions. It’s easy for me.

However, I’m reminded today of the fact that not everyone is like me – though not by anything I necessarily wrote. Words formulated indiscriminately and without much thought affect others who may not have the same outlook. Some may say that if you blog, you’re opening yourself up and should be ready for counter-attack. They would suggest getting thick skin and while there’s credence to that thought, there’s also the issue of accessiblity.
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Blog Networks Are Just Spam Blogs

Not that I believe that, but some guy who thinks he knows all about it is making that claim over no the b5media blog (yes its an older and worn out topic).

Surely the benefits of a blog network must be those who own the central blog.

They build the influence and search engine ranking that they can use to promote ‘€œfree cell phones’€?, miraculous slimming products and what have you.

Hmmm. Let’s pull this load of crap apart.
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India Blocks Blogs

I can understand China blocking blogs. I can understand North Korea blocking blogs. To a certain degree, I can understand some middle eastern countries blocking some blogs. But India? Give me a break.
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Novel Blog Styles

In my research on alternate forms of blogs, I came across an article from last year that struck me. It is written (sadly) on an AOL blog by a guy named Dan Harp.

Dan makes the correct observation that most bloggers blog about a small core of topics. He calls those “personal confession and strident political commentary”, but I think I’d expand that to tech as well. I mean, most blogs in Technorati have to do with Politics and Tech or are personal blogs, right?
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WordPress Loops and News

Pardon my lack of blogging just about everywhere. I’ve undertaken a venture that is killing every creative cell in my brain. There is no real great way that I can see to create a custom Loop in WordPress that contains the most recently commented posts. The attempt is part of a massive overhaul of a site that takes into account some of Pearson’s blog architecture discussion from the other day… but I can’t get a Loop that does what I want it to. Welcoming assistance.

In other news, has a new Internet Explorer extension that allows you to post from IE. One has to ask first why you’re using IE, but regardless, there has been a Firefox extension for quite some time. Indeed I have it installed.

Blog Stolen by Homeland Security

Over the weekend, a friend of mine sent me some information on a blogger who lost his blog due to the overzealousness of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Editorial Comment: the worst invasion of government beaurocracy since Social Security was invented.).

DHS apparently decided there was something of enough concern on the servers hosting back in May and confiscated all the data on the server. Fair enough, I suppose, if I allow myself to think the government actually has the best interests of the people in mind. They did not give him a timeframe outside of “sometime”:
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Bad Behavior 2 On the Loose

The popular anti-spam solution for WordPress and other platforms has just been given a facelift. Bad Behavior 2 is now in the wild and claims to have at most only one database call per transaction, can be measured in single milliseconds and now has the option to turn off blocking of legitimate users behind corporate proxies. Author Michael Hampton has been putting a lot of time and effort into this complete rebuild. I know because I’ve talked to him about it. (Maybe we need an interview with him… Whaddya think?)

Personally, I’ve moved away from Bad Behavior because of the proxy issues that were in version 1. At this point I’m pretty satisfied with my spam solutions so I have not had tried BB2 yet. I’d be interested to hear feedback on it. Feel free to post in the comments.

USAF Monitors Blogs

Blogs are pretty commonplace, no? I mean, at this point, I think most people have heard of blogs whether they are of the MySpace variety or something more like Blog Herald. Though some media outlets tend to ignore blogs as if they lived in a vacuum of information dispersion, other media outlets seem to be fully embracing them.

The U.S. Air Force has figured that they had better start paying attention to what bloggers are talking about and are paying nearly half a million dollars to find out.
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