From Blog Comments to Social Engagement

There’s an interesting post at Read Write Web with a rather ‘misleading” title. It goes like – How Blogging Has Changed Over the Last 3 Years.  The article was referencing a study made by PostRank about off-site engagement on blogs and other content publishing media.

Actually, what the article was saying is that reader engagement on blog has drastically changed, not so much blogging per se. [Read more…]

Blogging for Schwags and Maintaining Impartiality

The LA Times is currently running a good and timely story that deals on one sensitive issue related to blogging and bloggers. Mommy bloggers getting woed by food firms with schwags and other freebies in exchange for some write-up and publicity buzz  for their products.

It’s a pretty interesting read especially since blogging in exchange for a “taste of company products” and other freebies that come with it is no different from tech bloggers receiving demo units of new gadgets for review. Tech bloggers would die to get those sample demo units and review them on their blogs ahead of rival bloggers.

So what are we now bloggers? Purveyor of truth or corporate pimps? [Read more…]

Fox News Cracks Down a YouTube Channel

For Fox News, its was time to take down News1News, a YouTube channel syndicating clips from Fox News – specifically segments that attact the Liberal Party.  Although not all YouTube Channels who are leaning to the left were closed down, shutting down News1News was enough to earn the ire of the left-leaning political bloggers. [Read more…]

Mixing Business with Pleasure, Twitter and LinkedIn Team Up


pbandcYou never saw this coming, do you? All the while we’ve been waiting for a Google-Twitter integration, Facebook-Twitter integration, and the other online services wooing Twitter’s dearth of real-time information stream.  But look which of them got into Twitter first? – LinkedIn. Yes folks, the Facebook for business professionals jump into Twitter mania and announced their  sealed partnership with Twitter.

[Read more…]

Microsoft Resorts to Giving Free Wi-Fi in Exchange for Bing Search

If you regularly check Techmeme tech news aggregator, you’d know that the biggest news today as it always been whenever things like this happen – is Google’s acquisition of mobile ad technology company AdMob.  But if you scroll through the Techmeme page, passing through the list of blogs covering the news, you’d see a small headline that says – “Microsoft Bing Gives WiFi Users Free Search”.

So, what was that all about? [Read more…]

LinkedIn Preps Up New Site Design


Are you using LinkedIn? I mean have you created an account on this business-oriented social networking site? If you did, chances are you just created a LinkedIn profile and rarely visit the site, right?

Anyway, when was the last time you checked out your LinkedIn profile or when was the last time you actually visited the LinkedIn site?  If you do right now, you might see some changes in the site’s design, as LinkedIn is currently testing out a new site design. [Read more…]

Study: New Technology Does Not Make You Anti-Social

Those who are worried that their kids, loved ones and significant others will become anti-social due to Internet overdose can now rest easy. The latest Pew Internet Study on Social Isolation and Technology shows that contrary to popular belief social networking and online activities does not really affect one’s sociability.

The study explored one major aspect of social isolation – the role that the Internet  and mobile phone play in one’s core social networks. The study categorically states that Americans’ use of mobile phones and the Internet actually leads to a larger and more diverse discussion networks.  This include Americans’ use of Facebook. [Read more…]