CIA Invests in In-Q-Tel to Monitor Blog Posts

I’m a bit hesitant to cover this news  item because of its sensitivity. But then I realized I’m not from the U.S. so I guess the CIA won’t be running after me in case I miss out some minor points of the news. Still, I’d be cautious and just mention the facts.

What am I talking about? is running an exclusive piece about the CIA’s investment arm called In-Q-Tel which is reportedly eyeing a piece of Visible Technologies.  Visible Technologies is a software firm specializing on social media monitoring such as blog posts, online videos, newspaper articles, Flickr photos, Tweeter tweets and other social media by-products. [Read more…]

Would You Spend $50 for the Wolfram Alpha iPhone App


When I first saw this blog post at, I quickly checked both Mashable and TechCrunch to see if both sites are covering the news item as well. I wasn’t wrong because who would not cover such a controversial, albeit “insane” news item? – A Wolfram Alpha iPhone app that costs $49.99.

This is rather shocking especially if you’ve heard about Wolfram Alpha before. If you don’t know what Wolfram Alpha is or have forgoten what it is all about, let  me refresh your memory. [Read more…]

IAB Denounces FTC’s New Ruling on Bloggers

If you find the recent FTC Guidelines on bloggers and other social media participants, unfair and restrictive, well you are not alone. Luckily for us bloggers in other parts of the world, we are not covered by this ruling. (Or are we?).

Anyway, the latest internet and online media player who opposed such FTC ruling was the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The IAB called the new FTC Guidelines as unfair and unconstitutional and they are asking the FTC to withdraw the said guidelines. [Read more…]