You can only talk about the Restaurant in the Restaurant

The latest Saturday Afternoon Chatter on Techmeme is about where conversations take place after we post on our blogs. The former editor of the Blog Herald Tony Hung thinks aggregation services have crossed the line. I tend to disagree. It’s like Restaurants having policies that you are only allowed to talk about the restaurant in the restaurant using approved feedback forms.

I have nothing else to say. Just thought I’d add this little bit of snobbery.

Gridjit,A Social Portal for Twitter

I recently stumbled upon a great social portal called Gridjit that allows you to view your Tweets in a far different fashion. This is great for me as I don’t always check Tweets like the rest of my social network. Over on the their blog they have a great post on lessons the founder has learned from founding Gridjit.

Gridjit Features:

* Visualize your conversations in a clean layout and take part in a new kind of social portal
* Drill through other people’s view on the Twitter-verse by clicking on their profile names and the people they “@” tag
* Update your Twitter status from Gridjit – New!
* Regular updates with more goodies to come!

The Blog Business Toolshed

This article is not for experts. This article is meant to help beginners dive headfirst into the world of building a blog business. Here are the tools you need to build a strong blog business from the ground up. It’s fairly expansive and will help you grasp all the tools needed to understand how to get a blog business off the ground. Other things I didn’t really touch on are actually setting up your blog,nailing your permalink structure, and installing WordPress which is my preferred tool of choice. This is just a basic rundown of tools to get you going in the world of blogging.

The Building Blocks
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What I’ve learned about business from blogging

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about business from Blogging. I’ve learned sometimes you have to step away to gain a new perspective. Since I started blogging as a business I’ve been apart of a few small startup companies that largely failed in some areas and succeeded in others largely because of the inability to scale due to monetization of content and the inability to scale in terms of the reality of man hours needed to make it a success. Recently Raj Dash wrote an article over at Performancing entitled What’s Wrong With The Blogosphere. One thing is for sure in this article Blogging is Hard Work if you are doing it day in and day out and relying on it for income.

Since I worked on two startups that largely relied on monetizing content, and have consulted with countless others I found one thing that I tried my hardest to do. Find a product and build content around that product that in turn becomes the source of monetization. Look at some of my heroes on the web and many of them have a product.

1 Aaron Wall, SEOBook

2 Brian Clark, Teaching Sells

3 Dan Grossman, W3Counter

The Business of Blogging is hard, but one of the better ways to monetize content is to find a product and let the product monetize the content naturally. If your passion is travel develop a product and monetize it with your hiqh quality content. Try not to burn yourself out and treat blogging more like a real job and less like a lifestyle.

You Don’t Get To Be A Billionaire By Blogging

ReadWriteWeb has a funny, although they didn’t intend it to be funny post up about billionaire bloggers. I had to chuckle a few times, check my pulse and then realize something. You don’t get to be a billionaire by blogging. While you can make good money blogging, billion dollar companies are generally hatched in the hard working factory, or by luck. You probably will see more and more billionaire bloggers but most of them will be billionaires who in their post prime begin blogging. Exceptions to this would be young billionaires like Mark Cuban.

And while the one part of me says this is nonsense. What’s a billion dollars anyhow? If it’s about the money I’d hang up the hat and walk away from the game. I blog because I want to change the world, and the pen is the only way to do that. If I want to make a billion dollars I’d have learned to play baseball, and inject myself with steroids.

What about bloggers who aren’t making a billion dollars but are changing the world? Where’s a list like that….

Jordon Cooper, Canada’s famous religious blogger works in a homeless shelter. Been an inspiration for years. Continues to be just by blogging.

The Homeless Guy, Kevin Barbieux is a Nashville,Tennessee blogger who lives in shelters and shares openly about attempting to transition out of homelessness.

Brownfemipower, a latin feminist attempting to make racial and cultural issues known to the world.

Ellen Lense, Sharing her story of Kenya in attempts to change the world.

What we need is more bloggers willing to change the world, and less billionaire bloggers.

Prologue Theme For WordPress is it a Twitter Killer?

Matt and team at Automattic have released The Prologue Theme for WordPress, a WordPress theme designed to be a localized version of a simple messaging service like Twitter. Seems to be a lot of talk about it over on TechMeme. I’m thinking this could be very useful for teams and internal communications within companies where you don’t want people to publishing stuff to the general public but need to collaborate on internal communications in a creative Zen like fashion.

Check it out and download it today.

Former probloggers looking for work?

Have you ever needed to retreat back to the world of working after you’ve been a problogger? Fortunately I haven’t but I have a few friends who have lately. Luckily it’s not the end of the world. They have amazingly marketable skills and they just need a hand up. A new company called Standout Jobs is looking to help faciliate web 2.0 companies looking to fill job slots and revolutionize the recruiting process.

Here’s a peak into what Standout Jobs is all about:

Standout Jobs is built on the idea that companies need to provide candidates with a better online recruiting presence. Companies are losing out on great people because they don’t offer:

* Detailed and interesting information about what makes them tick
* An interactive, friendly experience
* A way for on-going relationships to form

Building relationships is the key to blogging and its the key to finding new work. So if you are a blogger looking for a gig with a company check out Standout Jobs, if I were looking I’d jump over there and check it out. It’s run by a long time friend of The Blog Herald so I’m excited to see what happens with it.

Introduction to the world of Blog Consulting

A lot of people ask me about my history of flipping websites one of the amazing things about ‘flipping websites’ is that it’s given me amazing experience into building a successful blog, although a lot has changed in the last year or two as far as what it takes to really take things to the next level. I’m going to take you through the process of development to execution on a blog consulting gig since I’m in the middle of starting a new client gig.

The first step I take is to work with the client to find the right web hosting company. In this case the client had multiple accounts and so this was easy. They went with Mediatemple. There are lots of others out there that I can recommend including my personal favorites ASmallOrange
and ModWest.

I then help the client select an amazing domain name. I generally use Instant Domain Search a great service for simple and elegant branding. You might also check out Deleted Domains for some interesting names that have expired that still have back links.

I then install the only blogging software I take into a battle. WordPress, even though I have a love hate relationship with it at times.

Next I setup a Social Media and Blogging Toolkit, this entails setting up accounts at places like Twitter,Digg,Reddit,Tumblr, and the like to help not only engage the social community at large, but to also build strong relevant back links. Being apart of the community conversation is very important IMO.

Next I setup a Gmail account for this project. [email protected] usually does the trick. I then create a set of feeds to listen to in Google Reader. This really helps me develop a feel for the niche I’m consulting in. I”m a blogger, not an expert in every possible field that a client brings to my attention.

Once I get this out of the way. I can move into the heavy lifting on the site. Stay tuned next week for my next installment on Blog Consulting.

Occassionally I work with the guys at Performancing on projects so if you are interested in Authority Building,Blog Management, or Social Media Optimization head on over and check out Performancing. raises a wee bit of cash

29 Million worth of cash was dumped into the back of Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider’s garage by multiple Venture Capital Funds. Speculation has it that Automattic will use the extra cash to expand its feature set to include more social networking, and more paid features to return a sizeable investment to its investors. Pretty impressive for a company that I’ve always viewed as slightly evil with a twist of strong solid resiliency. Time for them to unveil the much needed adsense widget.

Automattic has raised a whopping $29 million in a Series B Round of funding, including a strategic investment from The New York Times Co. True Ventures led the round, which includes previous investors Polaris Ventures and Radar Ventures.

Multiple sources including Gigaom were used on this article. We promise we didn’t hurt any of them.

3 Things Bloggers Can Learn From The Office

Bloggers Can Learn Stuff From TV, Says Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett, one of my Twitter pals, and a guy I really respect claims I can learn stuff from TV. Which is the total opposite use for television than I normally take. I normally use television as an excuse to get away from online learning,work, and anything that I’d like to absorb. But I like his take on shows and I didn’t want to bore you with the TV shows I actually watch but did want to share and change the meme ever so slightly. I took the only show I actually really watch on a regular basis.

Kiss Ass and Network A Lot
Dwight Schrute is the biggest office brown noser on the planet. If you want to make it in the A-List you have to kiss up to the Michaels of the blogging world. I won’t name any names but it’s true you gotta do it to get links and gain fame. Kissing up and doing there laundry is The Way you make it in tech. Totally being sarcastic. I’m totally not advocating kissing up to anyone, but if anyone wants to do my laundry feel free to ping me later I can teach you a lot about SplashPress and can guarantee you success in the blogosphere.

Be Real
Jim and Pam’s relationship seems so real. From their awkward flirting to the sideways glances; the honesty of their longing is what’s really drawing in loyal viewers. You want to draw in loyal blog readers and make it in the blogosphere be yourself don’t cater to whatever you want people to think of you. IMO, the success of The Office is Jim and Pam and how real it all seems between them. And the fact that Jim’s my idol and I think Pam’s a hottie. But moving on. Be real, be authentic and goof off a lot. Success is sure to follow.

Be A Friend First, then a Blogger
If you want to gain mindshare be a friend of the blogosphere first then be a blogger. Taken straight from Michael Scott, well sort of. But I really believe the deepest strongest most meaningful moments of my time in the blogosphere have not come from traffic, business deals, or attention but have come from meaningful relationships among friends I developed here on the web.