Stealing Blog Posts From Yourself


I’m a thief. Not in the Robin Hood philanthropic way, but in the robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of way. Let me explain. I recently started a blog about my puppy just for the fun of it. Unlike my other blogging endeavors, I have no real goal or agenda. I simply want to chronicle the experience of raising my first Shiba Inu.

Other dog owners have been stumbling across my work and writing me with their stories. In turn, I’ve begun very lengthy e-mail exchanges with other Shiba owners. We laugh about the breed’s inherent traits that drive us batty. We swap stories on how to train the stubborn pups. Overall, I think the e-mail trails are fun to read; valuable to any dog owner.

But that’s the problem. [Read more…]

Why You Should Add an FAQ to Your Blog


By now you’ve probably realized that a lot of your Web traffic is unexpected. By that I’m talking about the many people who stumble upon your blog in unexpected ways. Whether it’s a random page that has been crawled and ranked well by Google – or some random niche site picking up and promoting one of your links.

When people land on your blog, you should not assume that they will hit your homepage or the landing page you have put so much effort into. That’s why it might be time to consider an FAQ. [Read more…]

How to Apply for Freelance Blogger Work (Yes, there’s a right way)


As I’ve warned you before, there are a ton of other bloggers applying for that freelance opening. In fact, the last time I was looking for a blogger, I received over 800 inquiries!

That’s a lot of noise to cut through. There are several tactics you can employ to help increase your odds of landing a freelance blogging gig. Here are a few that have worked for me. Follow them and you might grab that next gig right out of my hands!

In my experience, the folks making hiring decisions for blogs and/or blog networks are busy. They normally wear multiple hats and are subjected to more Web noise then the average person. Unlike typical Human Resources professionals, these people are not trained to hire/fire. Therefore, you must approach them differently. That means no long cover letter or resume attachment.

– PLAY WITH THE SUBJECT LINE. Much like e-commerce campaigns, your first goal is to get the individual to open the e-mail – a major challenge in itself. Your subject line should be concise, descriptive, and unique. If there is a default subject line when filling out a form or clicking an e-mail link – change it. If a job asks you to list the title of the job in the subject line, do so, but put your own spin either before or after the requested information. [Read more…]

Having Multiple (Blogging) Personalities


I’m a nice guy. I believe in peace, love and harmony. But I also want to be a successful blogger. It’s no secret that controversial posts that take an unabashed stance on a hot-button issue generate serious traffic. If we’re going to be completely honest, sometimes being a pr*ck, is the best thing you can do for your blog. Since nice guys finish last, here are two ideas on how you can blog out of character. [Read more…]

Is Attending a Blog Conference Worth It?


I often read about how at-home bloggers, and other work-at-home-preneurs, are prone to feeling disconnected from society. Personally, that has not been my experience. While I might not be meeting my newly found ‘blogging buddies’ for drinks anytime soon, I feel that since I started blogging, I have made more connections than I would have otherwise.

Aditya Mahesh recently blogged about How To Overcome The Disconnection of Working Alone.

And it is going to be the tipping point for me when it comes to blog conferences. [Read more…]

The iPad, Obama and the Pope


No, it’s not a new reality show, it’s real life.

Blogging saw a busy week to round out the first month of the new decade. Between the announcement of Apple’s “truly magical and revolutionary product,” the first State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, and Pope Benedict XVI’s plea for priests to embrace the Internet to communicate with followers, I think it might be time to ask the question…

Has blogging peaked? [Read more…]

Blogger Kills FTP Support


Beginning March 26, 2010, Blogger will no longer support FTP publishing. This means that if you are one of the .5% of Blogger users utilizing an FTP service to publish a blog to your own domain, things are a-changin’.

Citing a drain on their “engineering resources,” the Google-owned platform has made the decision in order to concentrate on new features and improvements in 2010. [Read more…]