Hey Blogger, Go Kill a Tree


treeThe bloggers I know are some of the most productive people on the planet. They churn out well thought-out posts with regularity. But after weeks, months and years of steady blogging activity they often have nothing tangible to show for it. This is where paper comes in handy. Here’s why I recommend bloggers rock it old school and make use of paper. [Read more…]

Blogger Arrested for Pneumonic Plague Rumors


handcuffsA medical student has been arrested in southern Russia for allegedly starting rumors that pneumonic plague, a deadly infection that can be transferred between humans, would cause the city of Saratov (POP: 800,000+) to be quarantined.

The 22-year-old blogging medical student, Ivan Peregorodiev, was publicly questioning the 17 confirmed swine flu deaths in the area, wondering ‘aloud’ if the diagnosis was correct. [Read more…]

3 Odd Reasons Why I Don’t Read Your Blog


firstBefore you judge me, keep in mind that I never claimed to be normal. My blog reading habits are probably different than yours. And that’s OK. I’m Andrew and you are, well, you are YOU.

Here’s a glimpse at how I size up a blog upon my initial visit. I’d love to hear from you in the comments on what initially turns you on or off to a blog. [Read more…]

Evolve Your Blog Or Die


evolveOK, you might not die, but your blog certainly will.

I don’t care how you believe the earth was created. Whether you side with theology or science, now that we are all here, one thing is clear: if we do not evolve as a species, we are destined for extinction. As humans, we have a pretty long rope (Most species get about 10 million years to get it right!). And it’s unlikely that we’ll be wiped off the planet within our lifetime. Our blogs, on the other hand, are headed straight for evaporation – unless we learn to evolve.

According to Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, the number of abandoned blogs could be as high as 10 million in 2009.

Most blogs are born with good intentions. Excitement keeps us awake at night and we truly believe that we will be able to carve out our own little spot in a given niche. In fact, a lot of energy is exhausted in choosing a topic to tackle. Part of that process is evaluating the ‘competition.’

Once we see an opening, we’re off an running. Not too far down the road bloggers discover that this blogging thing is pretty hard work – and getting noticed is even harder. Perhaps that’s why some numbers say that 80% of new blogs die within the first month.

If you are lucky enough to make it out alive of the first month, you might make the mistake of going on auto-pilot. Delivering great content is NOT enough. A key ingredient to the recipe of blogging success is being able to tweak your product on the fly. That means you are willing to make changes to tone, style and content – after the blog is born. Here are a few ways to make sure your blog is evolving. [Read more…]

Are You Blogging Like a Puppy?

Two months ago my wife and I welcomed home a shiba inu puppy. Saying it’s been a life adjustment would be an understatement. He’s flipped everything we know on its head. Each day is a rollercoaster. Whether we are on an up or a down on this doggy ride, it’s evident that there are lessons to be learned. The first observation I’d like to share is that puppies would make awful bloggers. Here’s why… [Read more…]

Threesome: Me, My Wife and My Blog – Part 2

This is the second part of a post on how you, your spouse and your blog can live happily ever after. (Part 1)

3. Get them involved. It could be as simple as showing them a post you are proud of. Or better yet, a series of comments reacting to something you wrote. You’re not blogging in a vacuum. REAL people read your words. Once your spouse understands that, you might be given a longer leash to do your work. You should even consider writing a personal blog post about them. Appeal to their ego!

4. Set a schedule. There’s nothing more annoying than being summoned for a household chore when you are in the middle of blogging. If you establish a routine with your better half, they will be more likely to respect your blogging space.

I love blogging, but I do take it seriously. In my mind, the craft could hold the key to an unforeseen opportunity – one that might be life changing. Therefore, I embrace blogging, 24/7. And if my wife doesn’t, we could be looking at a bumpy road. Life deals you enough problems, why let blogging be yet another one. Getting your partner on board might sound silly, but in my view, it’s an imperative task to achieve success.