A Nightmare happened while Common Life Goes On.

I woke up today not unlike any other day; I washed my face, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes and went out to buy some smokes and soda i.e. caffeinated Pepsi. I shut my apartment door and began walking down the flights of stairs to ground level. On the way down, the building manager smiles while entering the third floor door with a can of paint “ahhh…. She is going OUT into the Brave New World. We bothed laughed. We both work here. I on my computer and as a house lady to my man, not to be confused with house wife, and he as a building manager and house husband to his wife.
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The money mantra and some insight using three grammatical tenses


What changes after you begin to be paid. There has been many posts of late here on the Herald speaking of bloggers, money and integrity. What about the personal emotions one can feel when experiencing being paid for the first time or all of a sudden having an interactive audience from all over the world to interact with?

I am experiencing this right now. As I write I experience. As I read I learn. As I comment I release. The only thing that truly scares me is money. I understand the value of money. I understand the value of a tree. I understand the idea behind money, but notwhat actually makes money go from one person to another. Sometimes it is given. Sometimes it is baught. Sometimes it is stolen. One way or another what money goes around must come around again or it will end. It is just like a tree. You have a tree. Your tree is dieing. You gather seeds from that dieing tree and plant a baby, maybe even beside it. What if you just let the tree die. Would you go and buy another tree? Would you pluck it from the ground and plant a flower instead? Would you saw the tree in two in hopes of new growth stemming from the stump during the next growing season?
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The reality of a thank you


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Monday in Canada. In other words it was a long weekend. Today is my Monday even though it is Tuesday. Last week I was on a mostly unplanned hiatus from blogging. I spent the the week in Downtown Vancouver with my Mother who for the first time flew by herself across the country to visit me.

multi-pansies.jpgA reality check has taken place for me. That is I am asking questions to myself and actually answering them. In our own minds, we all do this from time to time, discovering what it is that we do, want to do and where we want what we do to take us. The reality is I am sitting tapping keys using my boyfriends pretty computer. It’s got a 20″ screen and a higher resolution than my laptop. It is also twice as fast as mine and really the fact of the matter is my desk and studio room are in such a state of disorganization that I prefer to work out in the living room right now with the view of the mountains, a light blue sky and autumn flora to inspire my mind.
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If a tree falls in the forest…

…does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Anybody hear the forest fall

Adam wrote in suggesting that Canada plant some trees along the new Fence that the US is planning to build.

Maybe Canada should plant the world’€™s longest line of trees right along the inside of the border to hide the nasty looking fence.

Canada has just such a guide to put your idea into action Adam, aplty named Hedges for Canadian Gardeners. Written in 1980, College kids will love tree-planting along the border rather than planting in the mountains of BC during the summer. Send your sons and daughters away to Hedge-fund Camp where they will learn why:

It is important to note that hedging is actually the practice of attempting to reduce risk, but the goal of most hedge funds is to maximize return on investment.

At Hedge-Fund Camp we firmly believe in exposing your child to the latest Departmental Electronic Publication on Hedges that the Canadian Government has to offer. Here are some relevant excerpts from the publication:
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A 21st century virtual fence

USA - Canada border fence.

Yesterday I watched the CTV news; just to see what was happening in the world thru the eyes of one of Canada’s largest TV broadcasters. The one thing that struck me funny was the US building a ten meter high fence along the longest undefended border in the world. I became really quiet and sad as I listened and watched. It appeared surreal to me. It still feels that way. I feel like Canada did something wrong, like the US doesn’t like us anymore.

USA - Canada border fence.How can this be happening between two beautfiul and great Countries. The fence will begin in British Columbia stretching all the way though to parts of Ontario beginning again in areas of the New Brunswick / Maine border. I feel kind of choked-up. I haven’t been able to get this off of my mind. I have actually shed tears about this and still am.

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A Pop-up Ad Does Indeed POP-UP


Every now and then I am greeted by a little pop-up window of smiley happy digital faces bouncing up and down – la la la lalala. Tonight I got to bust the piniatta window with what looked like a colorful animated my little pony in physchadelic atire animation and I closed the window after I popped his booty.

*command W* …and it was gone.

smileyface.jpgA pop-up window rarely gets through Firefox’s security, but when one does on occasion, all it does is cause me to smile, giggle, hit *command W, and proceed with my day. I truly find it more bothersome and attacking to see a bouncy, flashing, ad reading click me, hit me, pick me, while showing me products, advertisments or people laughing, crying or making noise and in general causing visual pollution on the net within a site I am browsing ‘€“ especially a blog.
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Feminizing ads in the blogosphere


I received an email from Blogher. It wasn’t just the normal monthly newsletter emailed from them. They anounced the following:

After successfully launching our premium BlogHer advertising network, featuring 30+ superb parenting bloggers, we are pleased to announce that we are opening our ad network to application by bloggers writing about every topic. We’ve launched a new site, BlogherAds.com…

BlogherAds founded by Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone as an addition to their already great Blogher network have made it easy to apply to their contextual ad network, both for bloggers and advertisers. Congratulations women!

An experts ending is a beginners…

I posted the quote below as a comment over on Wisdump the other day.

If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginners mind there are many possibilities; in the experts mind there are few.

– Shunryo Suzuki

I have been thinking about the above quote off and on ever since posting it, and it’s relevance to blogging. The beginners know they need the experts to learn from but do the experts know they need the beginners just as much for innovation and inspiration? Once a beginner learns the basics they move on and away from the experts if they are creative. They begin to trust themselves, make decisions and above all else if they are smart, remain a beginner testing their limits in theory and in practice. Knowing only about one thing in this day and age can lead to complete failure if that is all you truly know, studied and have practised over the years. Knowing a lot about that one thing and recognizing that one thing leads to another thing that in turn connects to many other things aids in perpetual learning. As technology evolves we only learn to adapt to and improve upon pre-existing ideas by being a beginner.

Once upon a time an expert said the world was flat. Today the world is digital. Tomorrow?

There are always two sides to an idea but the possibilities in-between those two sides are endless. Maybe that is what the long-tail is.

Unedited Memories

September 2001.
High on weekends.
Homeless so to speak.
in between cities
in between life
I ran away
I stumbled. hesitated. fractured into too many pieces.
unable to contain them all – but one got away.
I’€™m still looking for that piece
images, flashes, deformities and laughless.
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