Investing in Technology with Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On TechnologyFisher Investments, a stock market and management services specialized company, offers the sixth installment of its Fisher Investments On series, Fisher Investments On Technology. Fisher Investments On focuses on providing its readers, often individual or aspiring professional investors, the tools needed to understand and analyze opportunities. The sixth book, Fisher Investments On Technology aims at clearly defining the broad term Technology and gaining more insight in the Technology market.

Fisher Investments On Technology consists of three main parts:

  1. Getting Started in Technology
  2. Next Steps: Technology Details
  3. Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager

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Collect, Share and Swap With Keepio Marketplace


Unless you are a Buddhist monk, there’s a good chance you have accumulated a lot of stuff over your lifetime. Some it is for function; some of it you are emotionally attached to. And some of it, is just plain junk. But as you know, one man’s junk is another’s treasure.

One way to keep your belongings in check is to keep a running list of what you own, and Keepio makes the job easy.

The cloud-based system lets you seamlessly list items, enter descriptions and even upload photos of the things you own. It’s the perfect marketplace where you can collect, share and swap – all under one virtual roof.

So you might be asking yourself, why on earth would I take the time to lists everything I own. Here are a few reasons… [Read more…]

Submissions Wanted: How I Blog…

Later this month we’re going to run a several part series entitled “How I Blog”. The series will focus on how different bloggers approach blogging – much along the lines of CNN’s recent series on “How I work”, featuring Bill Gates and others.

Interested in being a part of this series? Want to get your own fifteen minutes of fame?

Drop us a note at tips [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with a brief description of how you blog – if you can, include a photo of yourself and/or your work/blog space and we’ll include it in our post.

Protecting your content.. or why some hate copyright

Two bloggers take two different approaches on copyright this week while discussing the decision by C-Span to use DMCA and US Copyright Law to force sites to remove the video of Stephen Colbert’s act at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Chartreuse and his band of commenters take issue with the fact that C-Span is pursuing this. Many there argue that the video is nothing more than free viral marketing for C-Span and that the best solution would have been to give it away.

At the same time, BizNicheMedia states that content owners should be a jerk about protecting their content. Only by being a jerk about the copyright and ownership of the content, can the owner protect their interests.

Who’s right?

I was kicked off of a forum once many years ago because I chose to take the side of a set of cartoonists in their copyright battle against a set of humor websites. They had used cease and desist letters, followed by DMCA notices, and then finally used the legal system through a copyright lawsuit in order to stop several websites from using thier content withour proper licensing. I felt then, and feel today, that this was the proper course of action.

For a content creator, their content is gold… it is all that is their livelihood…

In the case of C-Span, while I may have taken a different approach than the path that they chose, their choice to move aggressively to protect their content is probably the wise legal move – but could hurt them in the long run from a marketing perspective.

Then again, who really watches C-Span? Booknotes, anyone?

$10,000 Daily via Adsense.. Perhaps not?

We’ve written twice in recent months about Markus Frind who has stated recently that he is making more than $10,000 daily via Google’s Adsense program.

His assertations and income claims have come under fire by some in the last few days.

Over at Andrew Johnson’s Web Publishing Blog, Andrew takes on some of the challengers with the background of his previous story about Markus:

I like Shoemoney, I read his blog every day, and I have followed his advice and made some good money from it. When I read his post this morning I thought ‘€œOh shit I screwed up.’€? I have spent half the day e-mailing people, including Markus, and re-examining the data. I can not find any evidence that casts doubt on Markus or points him out as a liar. If I find it, I will post it here along with an apology.

It’s very difficult to verify online income – sure, one can provide screenshots and other material, but the easy availability and ease of use of programs like Photoshop make even that method of verification nearly impossible to use with any level of certainty.

We’ll continue to follow the story if any new information is made available.

NetNewsWire v2.1 Released


Newsgator’s Brent Simmons has released version 2.1 of his award-winning Mac RSS feed reader NetNewsWire.

For users of Intel based Macs, this new version is a welcome upgrade as the application now runs as a universal binary, taking advantage of Intel chips while continuing to support older Macs such as my own Powerbook G4.

Other new features include online syncing with NewsGator, several performance enhancements, changes to the user interface, and bug fixes.

NetNewsWire has long been my feedreader of choice on my Macs – I’m pleased to see that the new version appears to be significantly faster than the last version – which I found to be a bit of a memory hog when I had my usual 200+ articles and feeds open at once.

Building & Monetizing a New Blog

Darren Rowse, of Problogger, writes of building & monetizing his newest weblog:

It’€™s early days but so far I’€™m reasonably happy with Digital Photography School’€™s progress. By no means is it a launch on the scale of some of the big blog network’€™s launches that get tends of thousands of hits on their first days – but it’€™s promising. So far it’€™s averaging about 600 daily visitors and is earning around $10 per day (through a combination of AdSense and Affiliate links).

Monetizing a relatively new blog at $10/day already is very good. Granted that Darren has several other blogs that he can use to help drive traffic to his latest creation – he’s done a fine job of building traffic to his latest creation and outlines several methods in this article.