Sixty Million Chinese can’t be Wrong

CNet’s is reporting that China will have 60m bloggers by year’s end. With 110m internet users in China today, by year’s end more than half of them will be blogging – an enormous percentage.

An example of China’s blogging growth can be seen in Bokee, China’s largest blogging site, which claims to be adding more than 100,000 new bloggers each day.


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More on Automattic’s VC Influx

The identities of the investors in Automattic have been disclosed. Explaining on his blog, Mike Hirshland from Polaris Venture Partners outlines his reasoning for investing in Automattic:

We just announced leading a small round of funding with Automattic, a San Francisco based startup whose team is most known for its leading role in creating the open source personal publishing (ie, blog) platform WordPress, blog spam blocker Akismet, and blog pinging service Ping-o-Matic. I am also really happy to have the chance to be partnering on this venture with Phil Black from Blacksmith Capital and Doug Mackenzie from Radar Partners.

Although a relatively small investment, we believe this will be a very exciting project to be involved with.

Automattic CEO Toni Schneider comments on his weblog:

Who are your investors?

Polaris Ventures (Mike Hirshland), Blacksmith Capital (Phil Black, now at True Ventures), Radar Partners (Doug Mackenzie), and CNET (Shelby Bonnie).

Why did you raise VC money?

Because we want to invest money into a rock solid infrastructure for and we want to have a buffer of money in the bank to be able to make long term decisions without having to worry about cutting it too close every month.

Where do iBegin ?

First off I like these guys mentality. They take the hype bucket and pitch it squarely out into the backyards of other folks who use hype to gain attention just like the schoolyard bullies who crave attention to launch just another website. I haven’t seen a lot of coverage about them. However there really should be a little more coverage and encouragement to these folks. They do 15 things really well for local search. Something none of the big search engines do well at all.

iBegin boasts a whole load of very cool social features including user editable listings,reviews, ratings, integration with Google Maps and thats just the beginning. However the downside its just in Toronto so I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But when they come to New York. I’m all over it.

iBegin is the future craigslist of local search, and a whole lot more useful than any other search out there. What this has to do with bloggers I have no idea. But its useful. I can’t wait till they integrate local bloggers into the search portals. That would be an idea. Ahmed did you see that integrate local bloggers into the search results, then share revenue with them. It would be a huge success.

Check out iBegin


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List of Blog Networks v2

Update: 6/1/06: The best place to look for blog networks is likely Blog Network List and Blog Network Watch.

My first effort at putting together a list of blog networks received a fair bit of attention and my thanks to everyone who has emailed and left comments. There are a lot more networks out there than I imagined, and there are blogs on networks I read where I didn’t even mentally place them as being part of a network, either way blogging continues to grow and so do blogging networks. The diversity of this list is a testament to the strength of the blogosphere and the many wonderful things people are developing and doing online.

Rather than try and edit the original list here goes version 2 with a few comments as well, there are some real gems here that are a great read, even if it means another heap of Bloglines subs get added to my bloglines account. I’d note again that this list is for blog networks only so I’ve excluded corporate sites that also have multiple blogs (CNet being a good example) because they are not blog networks but companies that just happen to also have multiple blogs. Im also excluding joint advertising networks because although they are “networks” by name they are really just individual blogs who are pitching advertising collectively (such as the Music Blog Network, FM etc..).

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