Recommended Update: WordPress 2.0.6

In light of the recently reported cross–site scripting vulnerabilities in WordPress, version 2.0.6 has been released to address the said issues in the templates.php file as detailed in these entries from Operation N and Security Focus. (As cited in our related coverage.)

Along with the aforementioned fixes, changes were made specific to the comments system, now filtering for input that may ruin layouts and markup. Also listed in the summary of changes is the compatibility for PHP/FastCGI setups and the now functional HTML quicktags for Safari browsers. [Read more…]

Is Your Password Secure?

Several weeks ago, a phishing attack on popular social networking site managed to harvest thousands of actual usernames and passwords. These users were tricked into entering their account details in a hosted user page that was intentionally designed to appear like a legitimate MySpace login page. Since the page’s URL was within the domain, even net–savvy users were caught unaware of the attack.

Are our passwords ever safe? [Read more…]

Blog To Share

Bloggers are into blogging for a variety of reasons. Most of the very first used their blogs as personal journals, until it grew into an extension of their professional practice. Web designers and open source hackers immediately come to mind. Niche blogs on specific interests and discussions are some of the more recent uses of this medium, now frequently tied up with other advanced technologies.

But what has always been common in almost all weblogs? [Read more…]

AdSense discourages images near ads


Google’s AdSense along with cheap web hosting and free blog providers has helped spawn today’s continuous growth of blogging and online advertising. Basically, everyone can now publish a weblog and hope that someone clicks on their paid text links block.

The unfortunate result of the accelerated growth has been the creation of MFA (Made For AdSense) sites that serve no valuable information but focus only in generating revenue. Similarly, the professional blogging community came into prominence with its wealth of experience and knowledge on how to optimize blogs for higher click–through rates and traffic, which leads to better revenues. [Read more…]

Improving the WordPress comment system

Do you think WordPress needs better comment management functionality? Prolific WordPress blogger Lorelle VanFossen discusses what she thinks is WordPress’s most significant weakness, the lack of a simpler and more intuitive way of handling comments in the popular blogging platform.

I’€™m sure that your ‘€œnumber one flaw’€ or lacking feature in WordPress might be different from mine, but this is one that really bothers me. I think the solution is simple. So the question is: Why hasn’€™t something been done to fix this flaw?

The flaw? Comments.
[Read more…]