Dear Syntagma re: offensive and please decide

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

Dear John,

Firstly, I have respected you for a while, even enjoyed some of your blogs. But my respect for you and your blog network is fast waning. Why?

Your totally offensive post on the death of Steve Irwin at your blog, Celebrity at Work.

First of, the title to your post “Steve Irwin – Hero or Suicide?” Suicide??? WTF!

And then it goes from bad to worse to finally offensive.

… who took his own life as surely as any Jihadist suicide bomber

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Dear America: Australia is right by your side


There has, and always will be, a natural affinity between Australia and America. Both countries share a lot in common. A youngish country, made up of mostly immigrants looking for a better life.

We’re both an enterprising bunch always looking for adventure, sports loving and we share a lot of the same culture. So when America gets attacked we stand by our friend. And the attacks of September 11 was no different. The vast majority of Australians stand by America – forget the loony fringe who moan and complain, they are a very small minority. The “real” Australia is with you guys 100% of the way.

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Breaking News: Is this the end of 9rules?


I’m doing my nightly rss feed trawling to catch up on items before the weekend. One post refers to something at 9rules. So I head on over and guess what … there is no 9rules.

“Notice: This domain name expired on 09/03/06 and is pending renewal or deletion”

Yep. Their domain name appears to have recently expired and is now being parked by GoDaddy. Ohh, that’s gotta be embarrassing.

Check out this screenshot of what happens when I try to get to – 9rules screenshot.

Scrivs, Mike and the gang at 9rules – what’s up?

Quick thought: if they forget to re-register their name that would not be a bad domain to pick up: a pagerank of 7 and an Alexa ranking of 7,474. :-)

Don’t call me a blog or a blog network … but Look at Me

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

We’ve always had 9rules screaming and shouting “we’re not a blog network! … really, we don’t belong. We are different.” They were the loners in this game for a long time.

But now I can see a new trend – one of anti blog network, and saying as much without fear or favor.

Long gone are the days (err, last year) when no one wanted to offend. Now, everyone just wants to be noticed in this mass of clutter we call the blogosphere. And they’ll do anything to get noticed.

Look at me! Look at me!

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Step away from your computer … slowly

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

What is wrong with you people! Well not all people, but a quarter of a million of you folks.

This is insane, it’s so surreal and all so sad. Get outside and get a life. I Am Astounded! People are taking this seriously. Really!

Smell the roses. Get a real friend. Have a drink. Take a walk. Live life. Breathe…

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There’s a Gonzo in the House

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

I’m a major disciple of the American journalist/writer Hunter S. Thompson – who sadly bid farewell last year after a lifetime of pure and utter craziness.

Hunter S. Thompson, to me, was the forerunner of what blogging is today. He’s the grand daddy of gonzo journalism and his spirit lives on in the millions of highly opinionated blogs going around today. Dr. Gonzo would be proud.

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