Life after Google+: Going around in Circles

Find and invite.  Social Media isn't social at all without "friends".

Will Google+ (plus) bitch slap Facebook and Twitter?  Will the king of search become the king of social too?

There are a number of ways to look at the brewing feud between Google+ and two of the most popular social media sites.  One way is to look at the numbers of registered users, another way is look at the quality of user experience, and yet another is the revenue that the sites generate — not just for itself, but for its users.

Right now, in terms of number and user experience, Google+ has a sparse landscape.  There are no page updates, no game or application notifications, no mindless tagging, no incessant and irrelevant wall posts, and no scrolling streams of updates.

Coming from Facebook or Twitter, it can feel like opening a window and finding yourself confronted with an Alaskan or Siberian landscape after all the snow in the world has fallen.

The usual question that comes to mind is, “So, what’s next?” and answering it is actually when the “fun” starts.

It actually begins when you start looking for other people that you know who are already on Google+ and start adding them in “Circles”.

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Find E-mail File Attachments Faster with gives you an attachment-centric view of your e-mails gives you an attachment-centric view of your e-mails

One of the hardest things to find after a very busy day of exchanging e-mails is a file attachment in your  inbox or sent folder.  On the average, hunting for files in your e-mail can consume the better part of an hour that could have been spent on useful downtime or getting something else done.

The process of hunting down an attachment usually begins by clicking on the search field of your e-mail and typing either the name of the person who you think sent you the file or the subject header of the e-mail exchange you think it is in.  It’s easy to find an attachment if it had been sent fairly recently, but when the file had been sent a hundred e-mails ago, that’s when people either decide to pore over every e-mail turned up in a search or just ask to be sent the file again.  Either way, it can mean a waste of time for you or the person who is waiting for the file attachment.

Can you imagine asking an important client or major customer to wait fifteen minutes while you or your assistant goes searching for a file he sent you months ago? It’s can make for an embarrassing moment because it makes you appear disorganized and sloppy. makes it easier to find any e-mail attachments in your e-mail account, no matter how long ago it had been sent or in what thread it had been sent in.

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How to avoid being a victim of a Twitter hoax

Fox News Politics hacked.

Some things are just too juicy not to Tweet or re-Tweet.  There is the thrill of thinking that one is the first or at least among the first to tell the world about something that seems monumentally important at the moment.  Then there is the chance of becoming somewhat famous on twitter for a couple of hours, days or weeks. And if you’re an online traffic junkie, well, nothing beats the stats of a well crafted post launched at the right time — it’s like lighting up a huge pile of kindling.

It would be great if it turned out that your Tweet or re-Tweet was actually spot on, but what if you end up unknowingly passing off something that is not only false but malicious as well?

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Zuckerberg is on Google+. Surprised?

Word is going around that “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg registered a Google+ account” without any confirmation from the Facebook founder.
An article in International Business Times in San Francisco says:

As of Saturday evening, he had 22 people in his Circle and 2994 people added him on their Circles.

According to a tweet from allegedly from Robert Scoble:  “…Zuckerberg just texted me back. Says “Why are people so surprised that I’d have a Google account?”

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Myspace employees down to 200, will Justin Timberlake turn things around?

Myspace. Does it really have a heart after firing more employees?

Myspace. Does it really have a heart after firing more employees?

From 1,400 employees two years ago, the number of employees at Myspace now number just around 200.  This development follows after News Corp. sold the social networking site to Specific Media and after Justin Timberlake, who portrayed Sean Parker in the movie “Social Network”, joined the company.

Myspace, was sold for $580 million to Rupert Murdoch.  The plan back then, according to Business Insider was to “merge MySpace into Yahoo and save Yahoo from Microsoft’s clutches…as long as Yahoo agreed to value MySpace at something like $10 billion.”  Myspace was recently sold for just $30 million.

Tim Vanderhook, Specific Media CEO, is practically singing the same song.  According to an article in CNET plans to use Myspace to build a “digital media company on par with Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, and all the other big names out there.”

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First look at Google+

Google plus invite
Google plus invite

First wave of invites to Google+

The first wave of Google + ( invites will be going out soon and in the next few hours, we’ll probably see more posts with loaded with praises or criticisms.  The first few weeks of reviews won’t probably do much to prove or disprove the idea that the search giant’s social initiative will actually eat up Facebook as it inches towards its rumored 2012 IPO.

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Biz Stone leaves Twitter

Biz Stone leaves Twitter: Bye-bye birdie!

Biz Stone leaves Twitter: Bye-bye birdie!

Biz Stone, co founder of Twitter, has decided to step away from the micro-blogging giant.  Word is that internal turbulence was at the root of his departure.  It seems like yet another twist in the growing plot that one article on Fortune says includes “secret board meetings, executive power struggles, a plethora of coaches and consultants, and disgruntled founders.”

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Will selling through Ensogo and other social buying sites damage your brand?

Ensogo. Great for bargain hunters, but how about merchants?

Ensogo. Great for bargain hunters, but how about merchants?

I’ve been receiving pretty good offers from Ensogo over the past few weeks now and I am surprised by the amazingly low prices they have.  Almost every single thing is marked down or discounted by at least 50 percent and the quality of the stuff they are offering  seems pretty good.

Ensogo, like Groupon, is a social buying site and was recently acquired by LivingSocial, one of the major Groupon competitors.

In their e-mail to me today, two things interested me immediately: an offer for a Php600 (about US $ 15.00) Berting’s Grill gift certificate discounted at P300 (about US $ 7.50) and a 3-day, 2-night stay at the Boracay Terraces Hotel going for P7,700 (about US $180) when it would normally cost twice that much.

And, having just opened up a bank account that links up with PayPal (but you can also pay via ATM Peso Pay or bank transfer), I might just buy that gift certificate from Berting’s Grill and use it to buy several orders of their fabulous barbecued chicken ass and liempo or pork ribs.  As for Boracay Terraces Hotel, well, it’s something that I really got to discuss with my wife first — but it looks like a pretty good buy.

All in all, it’s almost a revolutionary site for bargain hunters like me but it may not be all that amazing for merchants who get into social buying sites expecting “magic” to happen.  A long time acquaintance who sells organic food online clued me in on a couple of caveats and cited a couple of reasons why he isn’t a fan of Ensogo — at least, not yet. [Read more…]

Twitter bucks… Is Twitter making real money out of Twitter?

Will you buy something that was recommended to you on Twitter?

The thing is, I wouldn’t even buy something that one of my best friends recommends to me.  But maybe I am not the sort of person who would be susceptible to any of my friend’s recommendations or perhaps it’s because my best friend always ends his recommendations with a disclaimer — “check it out for yourself man, don’t take my word for it.”

Maybe I am actually confessing to be a caveman when it comes to buying on the sole basis of a recommendation I come across online.  Or maybe I don’t really fully understand how “online conversation” can lead to an actual sale.

The patently dishonest hype, if you will, surrounding the social media marketing buzz around the world is that the repeated and frequent mention of your brand on Twitter and Facebook can ultimately lead to rip-roaring, laugh-like-a-maniac-wall-the-way-to-the-bank sale.

It won’t. Not immediately, magically, or miraculously.  Especially NOT just because it’s on Twitter or Facebook or a blog.

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Will we be watching more TV and movies on Facebook? Netflix CEO joins Facebook board

netflix ceo joins facebook board

Facebook has actually made social connections more entertaining, rendering even some of my most boring relatives, friends, co-workers, and casual acquaintances a bit more interesting.

Now that Netflix chairman and CEO Reed Hastings has joined Facebook’s board, I’m wondering what’s going to be down the road of my life on Facebook.  Will I one day look up from my laptop and ask my wife to watch a movie or TV show on Facebook?

Clearly, as Facebook inches towards reaching 1 billion users sometime next year, it is looking for more and more ways to keep people logged in. Games are obvious time consumers and so is music.  Movies and TV?  Definitely. (Even if it means watching Green Lantern laying a big fat egg at the tills.)

As an additional revenue stream (which Facebook probably needs more than just traffic), perhaps it’ll lead to seamless social network TV/movie promotion that actually brings bigger bucks.  That will definitely come in handy, if and when, Facebook goes public next year and needs to support its profitability profile.

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