The Problem With Google +1

Google recently introduced a new add-on to search results called +1. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s relevant and it’s not complicated but it’s too simple. Google +1 has its problems.

The problem with Google +1 is the entire implementation. Search and social have had an odd relationship: sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. This is one of the cases where Google’s treading the social waters with a tool that’s useful for a small subset of users.

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April Fools Pranks From Around The Web

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 11.10.05 AM

It’s April fools day otherwise known as the day when you disregard all news on the Internet and check back the next day to see if it’s real. Playing on the silly side, Google, AOL and a few others have put up their elaborate and humorous April Fool’s Day pranks.

Huffington Post Erects PayWall For NYTimes Employees

The New York Times has faced some retaliation from readers and Bloggers over erecting a paywall. While the publisher has tried to make good by allowing incoming links from social channels to sidestep the wall, backlash hasn’t eased.

Recognizing the opportunity to poke fun and mock the New York Times was AOL/HuffPo’s own pay wall. This pay wall is exclusive for New York Time’s Employees and mocks the restrictions placed on article viewing.

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Google’s 1 Gbps Fiber Service Coming To Kansas City & Community, Nowhere Else

Google has finally announced which city it will grace with a 100 times faster than average Fiber Internet connection. The winner? Kansas City, Kansas. This finally puts an end to the year long wait of which lucky city would be visited by Google and graced with the insanely fast 1 Gbps connection.

Of the 1,000 or so cities that applied to be a part of Google’s 1 Gbps Fiber initiative, Kansas City beat them out. Google said the ability to work with local organizations was key in helping the search engine giant spread the wonder of 1 Gbps Fiber Internet. If you don’t live in Kansas City and are tucked in the outskirts of town, don’t worry. While Google has no intention of bringing Fiber services to other cities, it does have an eye on the surrounding communities should Kansas City prove to be a success.

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Google Wants To Make Your Gmail Ads More Relevant

Google’s Priority Inbox for Gmail users has been hit or miss. Either too many messages are marked important or it’s spot on. However, Google is taking it one step further by improving how ads are displayed to Gmail users. How is the search engine doing it? Simple: using Priority Inbox. Your ads are about to get a lot more relevant.

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Intern Meltdown At Marc Jacobs Leads To Twitter Chaos

Twitter LogoAn intern managing Marc Jacob’s Twitter account had a meltdown and Tweeted late Friday night about his very public resignation and some very select words aimed at Jacobs himself.

An unnamed intern who was managing the Marc Jacob’s Twitter account until a replacement was found let out some revealing Tweets about Jacobs and the job. Last month a search was held for anyone interested in running Marc Jacbob’s Twitter account. Applicants were required to Tweet something clever and about 50 were chosen then dismissed according to the Twitter rants below:
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Google Prepping Mobile Payment System For Android


Google is partnering with credit processing heavyweights such as MasterCard and Citigoup, Inc to create a mobile payment system for Android powered devices according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new payment system would use NFC for transactions and surprisingly, Google won’t take a cut of the money being sent. Instead the search engine giant will be tapping customer information, data that has been largely neglected by most mobile payment processors. What Google intends to do with customer and mobile payment data remains unknown but it could be integrated into its shopping services to give buyers a more accurate reading of how popular a product is based on number of purchases.
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The First 48 Hours Of Firefox 4 (Infographic)


Firefox 4 has arrived Tuesday and is boasting amazing download numbers. In its first day FireFox 4’s 7.1 Million downloads beat Internet Explorer’s 2.35 Million. The Mozilla team put together an infographic to celebrate the first 48 hours of Firefox 4 which details the browser’s exact download numbers.

What’s interesting is the perspective of Firefox 4’s downloads over the first 48 hours. The 15.85 cumulative downloads is larger than the population of Los Angeles, California and the Internet in 1995.

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When Millions Are Bad: I’ve Got A Case Of The Fridays

The web can be a funny thing. When something goes viral, it spreads to almost every corner of the web and finds a way to infect you. Rebecca Black’s music video for her (terrible) song Friday has amassed over 40 million views and close to 700,000 dislikes. As parodies funnier and better than the song crop up and criticism towards Black is openly mocked with the statement “It sticks in their heads and that’s what counts” the question really is: when is too much of something a bad thing? When you’re viral in a bad way.

What kind of life can I live where the toughest decision of my day is to choose whether or not I should sit in the front or back seat of a car? Evidently not the one I’m living now.

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18 Million WordPress Blogs Are Now iPad Friendly


WordPress, one of the largest Blogging platforms on the web, has announced that 18 million of its self-hosted Blogs will be iPad friendly. Frankly, iPad users everywhere should be excited.

Automattic which owns, flipped the switch on its iPad optimized interface allowing Bloggers to create a custom mobile experience that doesn’t sacrifice content and formatting because a mobile device is accessing the Blog.

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AOL/HuffPost: We Want Real Staffers Not Bloggers


AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post hasn’t been without consequence. 30 AOL owned brands have been squandered, 900+ laid off and others axed in favor of journalists.

The $315 Million acquisition of Huffington Post is part of a new path for AOL. In the past few months, Tim Armstrong released an internal company document detailing the new content direction AOL would be taking. The document came under fire for exploiting popular trends and churning out knee-jerk Blog posts in favor of increased traffic and revenue.

Huffington Post, which is powering AOL’s new content revamp has folded or absorbed 30 AOL brands. In the aftermath, 900+ AOL employees have been laid off and more face the axe. Freelancers employed by AOL are left wondering what their fate in the new company is.

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