How Google Analytics Can Dramatically Help Your Blogging


Bloggers are always looking for ways to improve their content, site or profile. Bloggers, who were previously ruled off as nothing more than a hobbyists are now make a massive impact on the world around us opening us . There are always ways to improve your content and the best way to do so is through Google Analytics.

If you run your own site and don’t know what Google Analytics is, you’re missing out on vital information. The wealth of data Google tracks when visitors come to your site gives you a very accurate profile of your target demographic and what they’re looking for. Here’s how you can supercharge your Blogging by using Google Analytics.

Are Visitors Really Reading Your Content?

As Bloggers we love it when readers not only share content but well, read it. I’m not talking about lightly skimming through the post and picking out the most important pieces of information but actually reading it. When you log in to Google Analytics and select the dashboard for your site, you’ll notice the Content Overview box in the lower right hand corner. The information in the section shows the top performing content on your site.

Clicking on the top links — which are hopefully Blog posts — shows how long a visitor had that page displayed. You’ll have to estimate how long it would take you to read your post at a normal rate and see if it matches the time reported by Google Analytics. If it’s close (everyone reads at different speeds) then you’ll have a better idea of how your readers are interacting with your content.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the coolest tricks I learned while using Google Analytics on a daily basis was creating custom tracking links that can be used with a Social Media ‘Marketing’ strategy. This is the same tracking link you would build for a traditional Google Adwords run but can be condensed using or your favorite URL shortening service.

Building a Google Tracking URL is extremely simple and will give you a better understanding of which Blog posts are the most popular in the social sphere.

Here’s how I set up my tracking URLs

Campaign Source: Where is the content originating from? Hint: It’s most likely your Blog
Campaign Medium: Where are you sending the content? Twitter, Facebook or just a general Social Network submission?
Campaign Term: Always left blank
Campaign Content: Short name of the Blog post.
Campaign Name: What major category would it fall under? Is it part of your campaign on tracking tutorial posts or opinion pieces?

The results are available for each site under Traffic Sources > Campaigns.

Using these links when posting on Facebook, Twitter or any network will give you a more accurate reading of how the Social Sphere responds to your content. When working with clients and using Google’s tracking URLs, it showed me which post categories were popular and how I should improve on them. Just as important, Google Analytics also showed which posts failed to capture attention and frankly turned off followers.

Google Analytics packs a treasure trove information about your site. When used in creative ways, it can reveal much more about your site, your brand and how it’s being perceived online. Combining Google Analytics with your existing analytical tools can energize any social strategy.

Flickr Gets Cozy With The iPad, Adds Expanded Lightbox Support

Photo sharing site Flickr has been on a roll in its support of mobile operating systems and their accompanying browsers. A Windows 7 App that fully integrates in to the OS and presents a clean interface was released recently. Shortly after Flickr turned its sights to iOS and released an iPad optimized version of the site.

The new iPad friendly addition is a change to the light box. When browsing the site on your iPad you’ll be able to access a full screen photo viewer and initiate a slideshow:

We’re happy to announce some big improvements to the photo light box for iPad users! The light box is a handy, full browser photo viewer available from any photo page. From a photo page on Flickr, simply tap on a photo to view it larger (if available) and on a clean, dark background.

While Flickr has a native iPhone App that taps in to the power of iOS and the hardware, no native iPad exists yet. Flickr may opt to focus on its site and continue improving it for iPad users instead of releasing an official App. As fellow Blog Herald author Darnell Clayton mused, Yahoo’s growing commitment to the service and expanding features to mobile devices hints Yahoo! doesn’t want to shutdown the service like it’s doing with Delicious.

YouTube Helps Japanese Earthquake Survivors Through Special Video Channel

Following the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan was a massive amount of support from every part of the web. To help victims re-unite with their lost loved ones, YouTube launched a people finder channel. The channel is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to track down those lost in the Tsunami that swept away homes, villages, town and people following a massive 9.0 undersea earthquake.

The channel dubbed YouTube Person Finder launched March 18th and its aim is to collect video messages of those most affect in the disaster. At launch, messages shot by a major TV Station in Japan — TBS — will be shown. More videos will be added as the infrastructure improves. Major stations such as TV Asahi are expected to help the victims record their own messages as well to send to the channel.

Kevin Rose May Have Already Left Digg


Kevin Rose is reported to have already resigned from Digg the company he founded in 2004. The news comes after months of Rose’s lack of interesting in the Social News site as other projects eat up his attention and time. Rose nor Digg have issued an official statement on his supposed departure as sources close to TechCrunch say his departure happened very recently.

Kevin’s departure comes in the wake of continued user outrage over the new Digg redesign and a mass exodus of users to competing social site Reddit. Management decisions and disagreements between former Digg CEO Jay Adelson and Kevin led to a botched launch of Digg V4. During this time Kevin began experimenting with other startups.

TechCrunch’s sources also said Kevin Rose was closing a round of funding for a new startup he is working with. In recent years Kevin has shied away from Digg to lead a more active role in the startup scene. In mid 2007 during his prolonged absence from Digg, Kevin founded the microblogging service Pownce which was later sold to Six Apart.

At this time it is unknown which startup Kevin is a part of. It will be interesting to see the fate of Digg and whether Diggnation, a weekly Podcast that showcases the best stories on the Social news site will continue. We wish Kevin Rose the best of luck in his newest ventures.


Kevin Rose has confirmed his departure from Digg:

Wow, tons of questions – I’ll continue advising Digg / on the board of directors, & taping Diggnation (as i have been since @mwdigg joined).

Google Wants To Make Your YouTube Videos Look Better

youtube logo 05

Since Google has purchased YouTube, the search engine giant has focused on scaling the video sharing site. Shortly after releasing some amazing stats on hosted content — 35 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute — Google has been eyeing video quality and how to improve it. To make YouTube videos look much better, Google has bought Green Parrot Pictures.

The buyout can only lead to positive things for all YouTube users as Green Parrot Pictures’ expertise is improving video quality on content such as streaming movies. Google aims to not only improve the quality of uploaded videos but also the speed at which they are streamed.

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Charlie Sheen’s Impact On Social Media: 1 Million Unique Visitors For


Charlie Sheen’s line crossing antics have made a massive impact on Social Media. The web’s fascination with Sheen’s turn to Social Media in a bid to validate his fight against “Trolls” (not the kind you’re thinking of) and to rally his fans hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recognizing the potential, has tapped in to the Sheen marketing machine while Charlie proclaims he may have on speed — go — his impact only generates one number: 1,000,000.

After amassing more than 1,000,000 Twitter followers in under 24 hours and winning a Guinness World Record along the way, Sheen has taken up every opportunity to tap in to his fan base. Among the many promotions Sheen is doing such as a sold out standup tour armed with nothing more than a torpedo of truth to a live webcast that sets itself apart by intentionally misspelling the word corner, none is paying off more than his hunt for a Social Media Intern.

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Flickr Removes Egyptian Blogger’s Photos Of Secret Service Documents

Social Media played a huge part in helping the Egyptian populace coordinate a revolution that the whole world followed. Despite the new defunct Mubarak’s attempts to silence the people by disconnecting all internet connectivity in the country, updates were still sent out by Bloggers using old school mediums such as faxing. Following Mubarak’s fall, we’re still receiving updates on the Egyptian revolution thanks to the brave Bloggers, Journalists and Photographers giving us an intimate view of a country going through a massive change.

Many photos were shared through Flickr but the photo sharing network has acted to take down an Egyptian Blogger’s photos of the revolutions.

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What Is LinkedIn Today?

LinkedIn hasn’t shied away from improving its service by adding new features, the most recent being its revamped company search feature. Continuing the trend is LinkedIn Today, a newspaper that aggregates the latest social news.

LinkedIn Today puts a new spin on aggregating social news and displays what’s relevant to your industry keeping you up to date on your field. LinkedIn takes a familiar approach by pulling content from the Twitter feeds of relevant and respected online publications. Categories include Online Media, Internet, IT, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Software and Design.
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How Your Authenticity Is Going Away Because Of Facebook

Facebook LogoFacebook has pushed hard to consolidate your presence across multiple websites to one login through Facebook Connect. Most sites only allow you to login or comment using Facebook Connect and the recent revamp of how content is shared to your friends brings what you do on the web in to what was a personal space. Facebook’s unification of logins and comments may be killing your authenticity.

Steve Cheney thinks Facebook’s move to broadcast your every move on sites that supports its Connect feature puts you in to a crowded arena where your voice must compete to be heard:

Facebook is no longer a social network. They stopped being one long before the movie. Facebook is really a huge broadcast platform. Everything that happens between its walls is one degree away from being public, one massive auditorium filled with everyone you’ve ever met, most of whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

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Warning: Under Massive DDOS Attack, Temporarily Stopped

icon_big, the host of many popular WordPress powered Blogs including TechCrunch, has been hit with a massive DDOS attack taking down the service. Blog owners are reporting slowness when logging in or loading their WordPress powered sites.

Graham Cluley, Senior technology consultant for Sophos Tweeted an email sent to VIP customers such as TechCrunch:

WordPress is currently being targeted by a extremely large Distributed Denial of Service attack which is affecting connectivity in some cases. The size of the attack is multiple Gigabits per second and tens of millions of packets per second.

We are working to mitigate the attack, but because of the extreme size, it is proving rather difficult. At this time, everything should be back to normal as the attack has subsided, but we are actively working with our upstream providers on measures to prevent such attacks from affecting connectivity going forward.

We will be making our VIP sites a priority in this endeavor, and as always, you can contact us [REDACTED] for the latest update. We will also update this post with more information as it becomes available.

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