1 Year With Liliputing – An Interview With Brad Linder


LiliputingIf you’re into netbooks (you know, those small laptops that keeps popping up every 10 seconds and making the computer industry shake) you probably have Liliputing in your feed reader, and if you don’t, well you should! It is one of my daily reads and quite a success at that. Since the launch in April 2008, Liliputing has clocked over 6 million pageviews (not counting the forum) and 4 million unique visitors, all according to Sitemeter statistics. That’s really impressive, and something I didn’t know when I initiated this interview with Brad Linder.

Liliputing is truly a success story. [Read more…]

Shorter URLs With to.ly


to.lyDo we really need yet another URL shortener service? I guess we do, if nothing else but to get even shorter URLs for our slightly compulsive microblog link pushing. The most recent one is to.ly, created by Jonas Lejon, who also did the Twitter backup service. So why did he venture into URL shortening? Aren’t the competition good enough?

I’ve got so many crazy ideas about what is possible to do with an URL shortening service and I needed to use one for my projects. Also, I couldn’t find any PHP code examples on any of the popular services.

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Paul Scrivens And The Pimp Book


Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens is perhaps best known for being one of the triad behind 9rules. If you thought that running the popular blog networks was all that the 9rulers did, you either didn’t pay attention, or you just don’t care. Either way, the guy known as Scrivs has plans, and they include an ebook on women as well as establishing brands online.

The ebook is called The Guidelines Vol. 1 and is released under the Forever : Pimp brand. While that might or might not excite you, the pre-ordering concept probably will. In true Radiohead manner, you pick your price. Or almost at least, you can pre-order the book, which will cost $29.95 on May 19, for as little as $5, or as much as $50 (which includes a t-shirt). I like this price structure, and naturally I got in touch with Scrivs to talk a little bit about his plans. [Read more…]

Blogging to Change the World: Insights from BloggersUnite.org



As the G20 Summit convenes today in London, many bloggers across the world may be wondering what they can do to bring about change in the offline world through social media.

As a community outreach coordinator for BloggersUnite.org and a veteran of the Blog Action Day 2008 organizing team, I can personally attest to the colossal power that blogs and social media tools have to spread ideas and change human minds.

I asked BloggersUnite.org’s Richard Becker and Antony Berkman about their attempts to inspire social action by harnessing the power of the blogosphere. Here’s what they said.

How did Bloggers Unite start? Whose idea was it?

Antony Berkman, CEO, BloggersUnite.org: I noticed that Internet social networks from MySpace to Facebook were receiving a ton of media and Internet attention in 2007, but we had yet to see an online social community come together to raise funds for a good cause. So, I saw what would later become Bloggers Unite as an opportunity to empower and recognize bloggers who collectively focus their blogs for good rather than writing about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears all the time. [Read more…]

Buzznet becomes Buzz Media; Raises $12.5 million new funding


buzzmediaBuzznet, which operates the web’s largest community of pop culture web sites with an audience of 40 million unique monthly users, has changed its name to Buzz Media. The newly-named company will focus on the continued growth of its socially programmed web sites, including Celebuzz, Buzznet, the Superficial, SocialiteLife, What Would Tyler Durden Do, Stereogum, Idolator, Just Jared and Absolute Punk.

Buzz Media announced that it has secured a new round of financing totaling $12.5 million. Focus Ventures joined the latest round. Existing investors, including Anthem Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures and Sutter Hill Ventures, also participated in the round.

Buzz Media will use the funds for the continued growth of its portfolio of leading pop culture properties. More than 40 million people worldwide visit Buzz Media properties every month. The company’s pop culture focused portfolio includes leading online music and celebrity destinations.

Behind The Tweetbook: An Interview With James Bridle

James Bridle

I wrote about the tweetbook a couple of days ago, James Bridle’s publishing experiment involving two years worth of tweets in a book printed by print-on-demand service Lulu. Since I find both Twitter in particular and publishing in general interesting, I got in touch with James to find out more about the project.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. You’re in publishing, right?

Yes. I used to be an editor, and I’m now a consultant advising clients such as HarperCollins, Random House, Hachette and Granta on web and new media projects. I also run Bookkake, a small publisher using new technologies to create a new model for publishing, and write about literature and technology at booktwo.org.

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Could the MingleStick Change Blogger Conferences?


minglestick-by-mingle360I recently spoke with Bradley Blinn, Chief Officer of Sales and Marketing at Mingle360 (Twitter: @mingle360). Here’s what he had to say about the way his company’s MingleStick could change the way bloggers meet and mingle at blogging conferences and trade shows.

In what ways are blogging and the MingleStick similar?

It’s all about connection. A blog connects the author with its readers. The “connection device” is the article itself. In a similar way, our MingleStick product connects two people together. The MingleStick is a physical device that enables two people to connect with a simple press of a button. The MingleStick has proven itself to be great event technology within the convention and tradeshow industry. [Read more…]

An Interview With Gina Trapani

Gina Trapani is the much celebrated founder of popular blog Lifehacker, a part of the Gawker Media blog network. She left the lead editor role just over a month ago and is now doing columns only, as well as writing post for her recently launched Smarterware blog. So where does she stand now? Let’s find out!

Congratulations on the launch of Smarterware, Gina! What can readers expect from your new blog, and how does it differ from your previous work at Lifehacker?

Smarterware is a personal tech blog, which means I’m going to take off the distanced reporter hat I wore a lot at Lifehacker and be a fan, and speak in the first person. Blogs are perfect for that, but when a news blog like Lifehacker grows its audience and its staff, it’s easy to get away from that and read more like a magazine.

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Interview with Amanda Rose, Twestival Organizer

Twestival Logo

Twestival Logo

Earlier today, the Blog Herald interviewed Amanda Rose (Twitter: @amanda), founder and event organizer for Twestival (see earlier coverage), which gathers volunteer Twitter users everywhere this Thursday, February 12 to raise money and awareness for charity:water. Here you go.

How has Twitter helped the spread of the Twestival meme?

Twitter as a communications tool has enabled Twestival to happen.  This type of global, grassroots events series could never have happened even 2 years ago.  The immediacy of communication and the ability to tie communities together via Twitter has been crucial.  We are also using Twitter as the foundation of many of our fundraising efforts; Tipjoy.com is a great way for people to ‘tweet’ their donation and spread the word to others.

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Michael Pick Interviewed at BloggerTalks

Video blogging guru Michael Pick of WordPress.tv fame was recently interviewed by our very own Franky Branckaute at BloggerTalks.

We had the opportunity to work with Michael when he produced videos for Tubetorial, and all I can say is this guy is top rate!

As for the interview, Michael shuns the blog rockstar title and discusses how the move from Tokyo to Sapporo has done much to improve productivity (more snow meant less trips to the pub). He also shares how he likes the visual medium more than writing text and how he thinks better of being a trailblazer at your own niche rather than copying ideas that have already been done before. [Read more…]