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June 7, 2011

Will Point of Sale/Social Network Integration make us say goodbye to “Social Media Experts”

The diamond water paradox ought to be revised.  These days a couple hundred shares of stock in Google or perhaps Facebook next year, can be worth more than a good sized diamond and may in certain ways be as essential as the water we need to continue living.

Of course, we haven’t reached the point where you’d actually have to log-in to your Twitter or Facebook account to buy a bottle of water at a convenience store.

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Then again, there may actually be companies that are planning to integrate or have actually integrated Point of Sale systems (a.k.a cash registers) with either social networking websites.  The idea behind this is that when you purchase something from these companies, your purchase shows up as an update on your social network and that will perhaps, for a time, have an impact on the “conversations” you think you may be having with the world.  It’s kind of like Foursquare in a way but more directly tied up with actual purchases.

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June 2, 2011

Using Ovi App Wizard to turn your blog into an app

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Despite reporting a hefty drop in sales because of stiff competition in the smartphone market, Nokia is still the world’s largest cellphone maker by volume.

With more than a third of cell phones in the world being Nokia and a sizable chunk of those units being enabled for mobile internet, it would stand to reason that there could still be a huge audience for blogs that remains untapped.

But downloading blogs on what is essentially still a cellphone could lead to a number of frustrating consequences.  With either the phone’s browser failing to download the site correctly or not being able to download the site in a readable form.

The solution to tapping this roaming audience of mobile internet users is to create a mobile app.

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June 1, 2011

Shared Webhosting: Hostgator Webhosting Review

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Hosting often is one of the more difficult decisions to make when starting a website and our own Jonathan Bailey has written several entries on the topic already, over at BloggingPro, as part of his Blogging Pitfalls column. The main problem with hosting though is that often YMMV applies and what one thinks is a great host, could be horrible experience for the next user. I recently switched several sites to Hostgator and here’s my experience with them.

One of the main reasons why it often is difficult to decide on a host, is that the user never knows whether the server they receive space on is oversold or not. Most hosting companies, especially larger ones do oversell, in order to keep the price down. Often this results in the dilemma: “Do I go with a larger, and cheaper, host company or do I decide for a smaller company which is more expensive?”. read more

May 24, 2011

Investing in Technology with Fisher Investments On Technology

Fisher Investments On TechnologyFisher Investments, a stock market and management services specialized company, offers the sixth installment of its Fisher Investments On series, Fisher Investments On Technology. Fisher Investments On focuses on providing its readers, often individual or aspiring professional investors, the tools needed to understand and analyze opportunities. The sixth book, Fisher Investments On Technology aims at clearly defining the broad term Technology and gaining more insight in the Technology market.

Fisher Investments On Technology consists of three main parts:

  1. Getting Started in Technology
  2. Next Steps: Technology Details
  3. Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager

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December 17, 2010

Quick Turnaround Logo Design With LogoBee

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You need a logo and you need it fast. Rather than hand a box of crayons to your baby cousin, you need an image that looks professional and conveys your target message. It should be polished, relevant, and oh yeah, you needed it like yesterday!

With several awards under their belt, the experienced gang at LogoBee can get a brand spankin’ new logo in your sweaty little hands in only two business days. That’s right – 48 hours! (must order “Express” package)

With over a decade of logo design experience, LogoBee stings you with a money-back guarantee and buzzes in with a lifetime logo design support. All designers work in the same hive, which means your job won’t get shipped off to be produced in another colony.

Enough bee puns!

LogoBee has created over 10,000 company logos. And they never want a client to approve a logo unless they are 100% satisfied with the work provided. read more

November 30, 2010

Ultimate Blog Security: A VaultPress Premium Alternative? (WordPress)

After reporting about the impressive improvements regarding VaultPress’s security feature (which is available to premium users), we received an interesting comment from one of their rivals.

I have a site called which allows you to *prevent* getting hacked in the first place. WordPress exposes a number of security vulnerabilities during installation (and upgrade to new versions!) that are easy but cumbersome to fix. We allow you to fix those in one click, and the pricing is reasonable too.

Founded by Chris Neumann and Eugene Pyvovarov, Ultimate Blog Security is a service that scans your WordPress blog in order to find and close security holes and exploits that could be used by a potential hacker.

Thus far the service does not offer a backup solution like VaultPress or blogVault, although the company plans on launching one in the future in order to challenge Automattic (the company behind VaultPress and WordPress) by offering a similar service at a greatly reduced price. read more

November 24, 2010

UberTwitter Invades The iPhone

It looks like UberTwitter (one Blackberry’s biggest tweet contenders) has made a belated entrance upon the iPhone, months after the official Twitter for iPhone client launched for iOS.

Unlike other third party iPhone apps, UberTwitter decided to release their app for free to the masses, albeit with ads near the bottom of the screen.

Although the app is fairly basic when compared against the likes of Echofon Pro or SimplyTweet, the app does pack one surprise that may make UberTwitter a “must have” tweet app for a few users. read more

October 13, 2010 Let Us Instruct You In The Art Of WordPress

If there was one company that had the potential of redefining WordPress self hosting as we know it, I would say would be it.

While providing the speed and security of rivals,’s approach to WordPress is to simply provide users with the tools they need to succeed while cutting out the bloat ware that most users could care less about.

Founded by Joshua and Sally Strebel in April of 2009, has been servicing customers large and small, as well as helping a few clients start their own WordPress empires.

After coming across the service months ago, I was impressed how polished the site was on the outside, although it was only after digging in that I was able to uncover the’s true power underneath. read more

October 12, 2010

Posterous For iPhone: The Good, The Bad And The Awesome

Known mostly for challenging the status quo as well as rescuing users from less than trustworthy platforms, Posterous has decided to re-enter the iWars by launching a new iPhone app sporting their corporate name.

Effortless sharing from your iPhone has arrived with the new Posterous iPhone app.  If you are looking for a fun and simple way to update friends and family while you’re on-the-go, the Posterous iPhone app is for you.

Just touch post, add any combination of text, photos or videos and you’re ready to post.  You can add tags, share your geotag location or even mark a post as private straight from the app. (Official Posterous Blog)

Unlike their first iPhone app (entitled PicPosterous which oddly is still listed upon the app store), Posterous for iPhone allows users to sign up to the service right from the app, as well as create new blogs directly from the iPhone without the need of a notebook or PC. read more Vs “I Control My Site” (Which Is Better?)

Of all the WordPress hosting companies that I’ve tested, I have yet to come across one that could potentially challenge Automattic for the WP crown–until now.

Going by the name of I Control My Site, this company has the potential of challenging Automattic by offering users more freedom with their WordPress blogs at the low cost of free (note: this only applies to their Lite plan).

Publicly unveiled in August of 2010, I Control My Site presents users with an inexpensive alternative to that is in many ways similar to Automattic due to its custom admin interface as well as its “social” UI that allows one to send a “friend request” to users within the community.

While I Control My Site does offer users the ability to upgrade their accounts in order to take advantage of extra features (such as email, FTP, more space, etc.), users who enjoy blogging under a sub domain for free may want to check out I Control My Site before making any commitments to read more