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November 25, 2009

So You Want To Blog From Your iPhone? Here Are 7 Must Have Apps


Regardless of whether you are a web designer, journalist or “Joe the Plumber” (note: I say that in love), your tools can define whether you succeed or not on your job.

The same is true for blogging, as having the proper software can help determine the difference between success and failure–or at least separate the pro bloggers from the rest of the noisy crowd.

But when it comes to the iPhone, there are a few apps that I have found that every serious iBlogging pro should have, regardless of what blogging platform you have (at least for the most part). read more

November 23, 2009

I Love Squarespace! But I Love Their iPhone App Even More

Squarespace has done a phenominal job in creating an official iPhone app for their users, one which may make Blogger guru’s and WordPress disciples jealous.

While it supports the basics of iBlogging (photo uploading, categories & tags, drafts, editing previous posts, etc.), the Squarespace app also boasts a few extra notable features that make it shine against it’s rival blogging apps. read more

November 20, 2009

Pikk Gives New Twist to Social News Polling

pikklogoRecently, startup joined the ranks of Digg, Mixx and other social news/blog links aggregation sites.  In the company’s own words:

Pikk is a link aggregation service that lets users submit and vote on stories. Every story is submitted with two choices, such as “thrive or fail.” Stories with the most votes make it to the front page.

read more

November 18, 2009

altBlogger: A Basic BlogSpot App For iPhone Fans

With the war over blogging apps slowly cooling down, it looks like BlogSpot fans have yet another premium option to choose for their beloved iPhones.

Created by Kiloton Applications, altBlogger provides a simply way for Blogger users to publish text entries to their blogs, as well as check who has posted a comment on their blog. read more

November 11, 2009

TweetDeck Fixes iPhone App, Update Live On The App Store

After initially pulling their iPhone app due to frequent crashes, TweetDeck’s iPhone app is now live on the App store!

While I was never a fan of their desktop app (as I loathe all things Adobe AIR), their iPhone app has features that put premium apps to shame by striking a balance between power and elegance.

TweetDeck has created a video highlighting its best features, although here is my take on the app thus far. read more

November 8, 2009

Did BlogPress Spank WordPress And Six Apart On The iPhone?


If it were not for the WordPress iPhone app’s ability to moderate comments, I would seriously consider deleting it right now.

BlogPress, an iPhone app by CoolLittle Things has recently updated their app which now supports direct image uploading to WordPress and Movabletype blogs, instead of uploading them to Picasa Web Albums like before. read more

October 30, 2009

iPhone Plus Blogger Plus “Troll Hate” Equals Blogium?


It looks like another BlogSpot app has entered the scene, this time from TotoCaster of Georgia (the country, not the US state).

Called Blogium, this app gives BlogSpot fans the ability to not only upload images to their Google powered blog, but also delete unwelcome comments from within the app as well (which probably means bad news for trolls and spammers). read more

October 23, 2009

Will EchoFon’s “Smart Push Technology” Change The Game On Twitter? And The iPhone?


Of the 3 dozen plus Twitter apps available, very few of them support push notification. Even the “big 3” (Tweetie 2, Twittelator Pro and Twitterrific Premium) still lack push support, despite the fact that smaller rivals like SimplyTweet have already enabled them for their users.

While there are many apps out there with push notification, Echofon (formally known as Twitterfon) is the first that I have seen that uses what I call “smart push technology,” a feature that I wish every iPhone app had. read more

October 20, 2009

Move Over Google Analytics, The WordPress iPhone Stats App Has Arrived!


When it comes to keeping up with the latest traffic stats for your WordPress blog, iPhone lovers had very few options outside of a host of Google Analytics—until now.

Menial (who is located in the UK) has developed an iPhone app called “Statistics For WordPress” that lets users of both flavors (self hosted and fans) to use the native stats package to monitor their traffic.

I was able to snag this app at $2.99 before it inflated to $4.99, so if you are wondering if this app is worth the extra $2, here are some pro’s and con’s before you consider spending more money within Steve Job’s playground.  read more

October 18, 2009

SimplyTweet: Push Notification Heaven For Tweetaholics


After (almost) embracing the hype of Tweetie, I realized what was missing from my twitter experience was push notification. While TwitBird (formally known as iTwitter) was able to do this “half baked” for its users, what I needed was an app that did it regardless of whose service my friends were using.

Long story short I discovered an app called SimplyTweet (by Motion Obj), whose $5 price almost made me weary of spending even more cash within Steve Jobs playground.

Fortunately I decided to take the plunge—hence this review. :-) read more