On the Gigaom Shutdown: Speculation and Reactions

gigaom shutdown

On the first day of this work week, the tech community was met with the sad news that the highly respected site Gigaom has shut down due to its inability to pay its creditors. In short, it has gone bankrupt.

gigaom shutdown

The official statement released:

A brief note on our company

Gigaom recently became unable to pay its creditors in full at this time. As a result, the company is working with its creditors that have rights to all of the company’s assets as their collateral. All operations have ceased. We do not know at this time what the lenders intend to do with the assets or if there will be any future operations using those assets. The company does not currently intend to file bankruptcy. We would like to take a moment and thank our readers and our community for supporting us all along.

— Gigaom management

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5 No-Nos When Creating a Video For Your Blog

creating a video for your blog

Adding video to your blog can be a really fruitful investment. It can radically increase viewer engagement, boost your site rankings on Google, give your viewers a sense of relationship with you, and it’s a great way to get information across in an easy to understand way. There’s no doubt about it. When you use video on your blog, it can have a strong, positive impact.

creating a video for your blog


According to Technology Innovations Management Review, a study was undertaken using MRIs to observe brain activity and its connection with consumer behavior. The result of this Neuromarketing study suggested that test subjects associate themselves with objects (including people) seen on video. They tend to think “the person on the screen is me”, and they behave, react, and feel accordingly. [Read more…]

Ways How Small Businesses Can Leverage Interactive Content

business people connected by color lines

If you are a website owner, you should be aware of the important role your target audience plays in your development. You should also be wary that turning your audience into customers requires creativity and ingenuity on your end.

This is why you should invest in creating more interactive content for your site.

This content type refers to dynamic pages in your site that demands reaction from your visitors.

Interactive content is in stark contrast with the usual written types of content seen from websites. Instead of investing in the creating of disposable and passive content, make a more conscious effort to engage with your audience by providing them with usable content.

When integrated as part of your content marketing strategy, interactive content will help you generate more leads, build an audience much faster, and increase your brand visibility much quicker!

If you want to see how interactive content works in this level for your business, check out the examples below.

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Reinvigorate Your Marriage by Reading These Lovely Couple Travel Blogs

The Wondernuts

Let me capture this memory

The reality of marriage is that it won’t be happily ever after all the time. The struggle is real in a wedlock – both husband and wife must make compromises and overcome struggle to make their relationship work.

This isn’t limited to couples who fight and argue. Problematic marriages also happen to couples who have become so complacent in their relationship that they end up doing the same thing everyday until they grow old.

By letting your relationship get stale, both of you will lose the spark and end up filing for a divorce.

If you see your marriage going down this path, you should do whatever it takes to inject some excitement and gain that spark back.

One way of doing this is by traveling together. Experiencing new things at different places together can help strengthen your bond and bring back the love in your marriage.

To help you find the places where you should travel, take cue from some of the best couple travel blogs featured below.

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Discover How Being Agile Can Jumpstart Your Social Media Marketing

agile social media marketing

Editor’s note: This post was written by Rohan, who creates digital master plans at E2M Solutions for companies seeking advanced search marketing services. He also works on mobile UX improvement for startups and sui generis brands at OnlyDesign.org. Hit him up on Google+ for a chat on any of these areas.

agile social media marketing


The typical social media team operates in the middle of a continual, churning chaos of users, suppliers, competitors, agencies and what not. With change being the only constant in such an environment, the only way your social media marketing has any hope of surviving is by being agile and adaptive.

Here I refer to agility not just in terms of speed and nimbleness, it also stands in for the ‘agile philosophy’ that is a fundamental principle of Marketing 2.0. How much does being agile really count from a social media perspective? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

5 Great Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog



So, you’ve got a blog – which makes you just like every other company with a heartbeat. How do you turn that blog from a content receptacle into a valuable branch of your business? Instead of mindlessly reading articles about why blogging is important, you need something tangible – something you can grab onto and use. How can you maximize the value of your posts?

In essence, it all comes down to your distribution strategy and how effectively you’re able to attract traffic to your posts. [Read more…]

What’s Wrong With Blogs Nowadays? (And Why Typed.com Will Make Things Right)

Typed  A Better Blogging Platform   Indiegogo (1)

Typed  A Better Blogging Platform   Indiegogo (1)

A blog serves as a platform to share your ideas and build a readership from your target audience.

Sounds simple enough, which is why lots of people own a blog to do exactly these things.

But you know what’s not simple? Blogging platforms.

Back then, platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr offered an easy way to publish online content. Just sign up for an account, write your post, and hit publish.

While you can still do these things from the aforementioned sites, the platforms gravitated away from just blogging. You now have to worry about the plugins you’ll choose for your WordPress site and customize your Tumblr or Blogger theme to achieve a better look.

This isn’t a bad thing, mind you. WordPress has become a very flexible CMS allowing you to build a website that fits your needs. Tumblr is a great way to share your quirky humor through GIFs. Blogger now relies on custom themes to create a fully functional website.

But the focus now by these blogging platforms has moved away from writing.

As a writer, journalist, or storyteller who simply wants to let the words do the talking, setting up a blog has become more complicated than ever.

This is the very reason why Typed.com is in the works to provide writers with a blogging platform that will let them focus on their words.

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Essential Social Media Trends for Brands in 2015

2014 was a prolific and interesting year for digital marketers, with social media hits reached unprecedented heights. From selfies (and group selfies) going viral to campaigns like the #IceBucketChallenge and #BringBackOurGirls, and of course the #Bendgate hullabaloo – there were a lot of examples which marketers can learn from.

things you didnt know about social media

Looking back and analyzing the big events in social media last year, we can see some trends that will be big this year.

If you’re looking to make a splash in 2015, here are some essential social media trends for brands. [Read more…]

Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2015 [Infographic]

Writing an excellent, informative article or blog post is a critical building block in getting the eyeballs that you want, whatever your ultimate goal may be – selling your services or products, for example.

launching your site

But no one can ignore the role that content marketing plays. Without this activity, the chances of your wonderful content reaching as wide an audience as possible are nil.

Enter social media.

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest..the usual suspects.

In order to maximize your content marketing efforts, you want to do what you can to make your social media posts as attractive and attention-grabbing as possible. [Read more…]

Make Money With Your Blog…Without Ads?

Success web advertisement concept

Success web advertisement concept

For bloggers, ads are a godsend. These help bloggers earn from the diligence and hard work they put in every post they craft and publish.

For users, ads suck. They disrupt the viewing experience and provide little value to the content they visited to read.

As a blogger, you need to reconcile both schools of thought to build a financially sustainable blog without pissing off your readers.

As far as making money with your blog is concerned, we’ve discussed how to monetize your personal blog and how to use contextual ad networks to make money.

But is there such a way to earn from your blog without relying on ads?

A quick look at sites like CopyBlogger and The Daily Dish would show you that it is possible. Both don’t boast ads but generate enough profit to provide their target audiences with business solutions and irresistible content.

If you want to take the ad-less route and keep the cool factor of your blog intact, here’s what you need to do:

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