Twitter Misses Tweets, Jaiku Shows 503 Errors

It is not a good day for microblogging services. Twitter is apparently not delivering all the tweets it should, which certainly is a bad thing, especially if you’re spending money sending them:

Many people are still missing updates from those they are following. We’re working to make sure you get all the content you should be.

They’re also experiencing a cache issue which might mean that people are getting the wrong profile page sometimes. Nothing’s lost, and they’re working on it.

Meanwhile, Jaiku spits out broken images and 503 service temporarily unavailable errors everywhere.

As I said, it’s not a good day for microblogging services, nor for people who actually pay money to send messages to them. This is of course not refundable in any way, and certainly points to one of the issues with these services. Have you send text messages to Twitter or Jaiku today, and not had them published? Let us know in the comments.