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January 16, 2009

Gina Trapani Says Goodbye to Lifehacker

You probably recall the news that Gina Trapani steps down from popular Gawker Media blog Lifehacker, with Adam Pash picking up the reins. Well, today’s the day, and she’s got a nostalgic post up, looking back at launching Lifehacker, what happened next, and so. It’s an interesting read, so check it out.

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January 6, 2009

Gina Trapani Steps Down at Lifehacker, Adam Pash New Lead Editor

Popular blog Lifehacker, a part of the Gawker Media blog network, is seeing some changes come January 16. Lead editor Gina Trapani is stepping down, and Adam Pash will take her place.

After a wild and woolly four years at the helm, I’m stepping down from the site lead position to work on Some New Stuff on a day-to-day basis in 2009. To be clear, my decision has nothing to do with the big bad economy or any kind of scandalous company blow-up—it’s just time for me to move onto new projects. It’s tough letting go of something I love so dearly, but it’s easier knowing it will be in very capable hands.

Good to hear, no Nick Denton slashing the workforce this time.

Adam Pash has been a Lifehacker contributor for 3 years, so he should know how things work. Also, Gina Trapani will continue to post on the blog, as well as do some other stuff, so she’s not disappearing totally. A little more in the announcement post.

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