3 Web Startups to Help You Generate Cash From Your Blog


Blogging is more powerful than ever now, thanks to the might of social media. When you publish a good blog post, people Like it on Facebook, ReTweet it on Twitter, or comment it from Disqus. Often, you can find your blog post has spread quickly all over the social web. If you handle your online presence well through social media, you can develop an audience, and build your reputation in your chosen niches in a fairly short time.

So, is blogging just a hobby to you? Do you just enjoy sharing your thoughts with others? Or, would you love to turn blogging into a steady revenue stream?

So can only the top bloggers earn money from their blog?

You might feel envious of all those top bloggers. They have speech invitations, product endorsement offers, and even book contracts. It seems that there are numerous opportunities for them to earn money as a blogger. Should we face the fact that it is a privilege exclusively for the bloggers at the top of the pyramid? [Read more…]