I Would Pay for In-Flight Wi-Fi, But Leg Room Is More Important

For someone making a living writing, traveling is frustrating when on a deadline. That is the primary reason I always travel by train if possible and the time loss isn’t too great. There’s room to write, and always wifi when traveling in Sweden. Airlines are a different matter. Cramped and no wifi isn’t ideal for working. Obviously I’m not alone in wanting to get some work done traveling, at least according to a Wi-Fi Alliance survey, conveniently wrapped up by GigaOM.

Still, of the 480 travelers surveyed by the Wakefield Research on behalf of the Wi-Fi Alliance, 55 percent were willing to move their flight times by one day in order to catch a plane with web access. Seventy-one percent would rather have Wi-Fi than a meal. For those who have not used Wi-Fi in-flight, 87 percent expected they would use it to tackle email, and 63 percent said they would to sign into other online productivity tools for work.

Personally, I would pay for wifi on a flight, and reschedule to make it happen. I would, however, demand leg space first so that I could actually fit the MacBook Air to get some work done.

Would you pay for in-flight wifi?