At the Face of Being Famous

23 hottest urls according to Alexa

Epic forum threadHow would you like to be the source of the next Internet meme? Sounds great right? For one 22 year old, it didn’t turn out so well. In this instance, the source of harassment is Ellie who on the surface appears to be a typical teenage girl. However, thanks to a forum thread that was started on a Bodybuilder’s forum, her online persona has changed for the worst.

The thread starts out with a user publishing pictures of his alleged girlfriend who is dressed in skin baring attire. The rest of the photographs show off the teenager in various poses around and inside a red vehicle. While the photographs are of an innocent nature, if you don’t happen to have a perfect body, the Internet will let you know about it and boy, they let this teenager have it. After these photos were published, hundreds of people within the forum thread began to photoshop the photos and started turning them into parodies. It seems as though no one had a nice thing to say about this woman simply because of her physique. [Read more…]

Your Alexa Ranking Just Changed

If you’re a tech blogger, there’s a good chance your ranking has gone up. By the way, in the Alexa world, that is NOT a good thing.

The traffic data Website is no longer relying solely on their toolbar to rank sites. Instead, they will be aggregating data from “multiple sources.” Pretty cryptic, eh?

The reality is, whether you but stock in these numbers or not, they do affect the way your blog/Website does business. Since Alexa has been on the scene for over 10 years, many people take what they say seriously.

You will also notice that historic data is now only available from the previous nine months. This window will be expanded over the next few months as the site recalculates. They also promise new features will be rolled out in the near future.

I noticed about a 30k drop (that’s good!) on my blog.

How has the recalculation affected your corner of the Web?