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April 27, 2009

5 WordPress Plugins I Never Blog Without


Those of us who use WordPress know well the power of its plugin system. WordPress plugins can help you do everything from spell WordPress correctly to adding a full-fledged message board.

However, everyone has a collection of WordPress plugins that they feel are essential. They’re the plugins that, when you set up a new blog, you install right away, before even tinkering with the theme.

On that note, here’s my list of WordPress Plugins, other than those that come with the installation, that I instantly install and activate on every new version of WordPress before pushing it live. read more

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August 24, 2008

Paul Stamatiou on living the cloud life

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Paul Stamatiou has written a great post on ‘How to Live the Cloud Life’.

Paul outlines how to use cloud computing for several different things – ranging from E-mail (gmail), to storage (Amazon S3), to documents (Google Docs), and others.

As Paul writes in his intro:

There’s no doubt about it, I’m in love with the cloud. Some people might not share my fascination with storage-in-the-cloud and compute-in-the-cloud models but I can’t wait to have the same computing experience regardless of the computer or device I’m using to connect to the Internet. I’ve taken it upon myself to change my workflow and digital lifestyle to get as much of my data online and make use of web-based tools until that utopian time comes. Here’s how I do it and you can do the same.

Well worth the read…

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July 21, 2008

Amazon S3 Outage, Bad for the Cloud

Amazon’s hosting service, S3, had a massive outage just recently, which in turn had an impact on a lot of web services. The service is usually used to store static stuff like avatar images and such, which means that Twitter was pretty ugly using apps like Twhirl during the outage. Everything is supposed to be back up now.
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