LinkedIn Finally Gets Android App; Two Years After iPhone

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn version 1.0 has finally arrived for Google Android users. The app is the first released by the business social network for the world’s best selling smartphone OS, despite the fact that an iPhone application has been available since 2008.

Users the Android 1.0 app users are able to search the site, send messages, view updates and more.

The application specifically offers six “modules” which include updates, search, connections, invitations, messages and “reconnect” where users can find members, accept or deny connection requests and even find connection suggestions and check out their timeline updates.

According to LinkedIn there Android application is:

“A continuation of our efforts to help you leverage the power of your professional network anywhere, anytime.” [Read more…]

Twitter Updates Android App, Makes It Look Pretty

Google Android Twitter App

Twitter Logo - World BackgroundTwitter on Thursday revealed the newest version of their Google Android application, an update that brings with it a more “iPhone” friendly looking output.

Included in the apps new layout is a reconstructed menu bar which sits at the top of the page and allows users to view their timeline, direct messages, lists, retweets, favorites and @mentions, while Search and Compose options can also be found just above the menu bar at the top right hand side of the page.

Also included in this newest update is the ability to use the Android app without signing into your Twitter account and an option to sign up for a new account quickly and effectively. [Read more…]

StumbleUpon Goes The iPhone Route, Android Joins The Hunt

StumbleUpon iPhone App

StumbleUpon iPhone App - Small ScreenshotYesterday we reported that blog commenting system Disqus joined the iPhone and Android fray, now we’re happy to announce that another popular social sharing system among blogs, StumbleUpon, has also released an iPhone App, while Google Android users also have an app for that.

StumbleUpon allows users to submit interesting, fun and creative articles to the site, at which point those sites can be “Stumbled” by users as they are taken around the web by the companies automatic site stumbling application. The more stumbles a site gets, the more visitors they begin to receive.

According to the company, their 11 million members will see the “best for mobile stumbling” web posts, which includes photos, YouTube videos and news among other posts. The application has also been optimized for mobile screens and serves pages with optimized connection capabilities.

StumbleUpon users will also see their “favorites” section and “recommendations” just as they do on the web based application. [Read more…]