Is Six Apart Services Killing Smaller Movable Type Designers and Developers?

The Six Apart announcement that they acquired a major Movable Type design firm have sparked some reactions. Personally, I’ve been debating whether I should look into Movable Type or not, now that it’s available in an open-source license and everything. Prior to that, it wasn’t an option for me, I like my platforms to be open.

Anyway, the launch of Six Apart Services, a branch that will offer Movable Type development and design, makes me even more cautious of moving into this sphere. A Six Apart branded firm will be very hard, if not impossible, to compete with.
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Movable Type Monday Exclusive: Interview with Anil Dash on Six Apart Services and Media divisions

This weekend saw a tremendous amount of activity from the Movable Type Open Source (MTOS) community with a new beta release, new plugins and community updates to the documentation. The biggest news of all, however, was the rumours that Six Apart had made a “game-changing” acquisition. Shortly after TechCrunch posted this rumour, I got in touch with Anil Dash, Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Six Apart, to get more details. Keep reading for exclusive information on this deal and what it means for the company, and most importantly, Movable Type.

Welcome to a special Movable Type Monday!
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