Paul Scrivens Takes Over as Splashpress Media Publisher

An organization–including a new media network–is mostly driven by the efforts of all its members. But as with any team, individual members are diverse, each with his (or her) own expertise, personality and quirks. For any organization to reach it’s goals, it needs a capable leader. Sometimes, a leader needs to call the shots. Sometimes, the leader just needs to guide those under him towards the right direction. Always, the leader has to inspire and encourage.

A ship has its captain, an orchestra its conductor. In the case of a new media network, we have our publisher to look up to as our leader. For the past three years that Splashpress Media has existed, we’ve looked up to the capable leadership of our founding publisher Mark Saunders. A private person who preferred to let others shine, Mark has been a kingmaker in this industry and has worked with editors and bloggers who have found their careers and businesses thrive in this increasingly competitive environment. [Read more…]

Blog Herald Commenting System Now Back Online

For the past few days we’ve been receiving complaints of comments being blocked or IPs, emails and domains being blacklisted from posting comments. Blame it on overactive spam filters or perhaps oversight on our part. Spam Karma 2 has been blocking most comments recently, and nothing has been able to get through, for some reason.

We have yet to check whether this is due to plugin incompatibilities or other reasons, but for the time being we’ve switched SK2 off. This could lead to some spam comments being published, but we’ll try our best to weed these out. What’s important is that valid comments get through, and on time.

At any rate, folks, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Some of you have been very vigilant about this. Thank you for the reminders. After all, being the Blog Herald we’re supposed to be advocates of open communication through blogs. And it’s also in our comments policy not to pre-moderate or censor comments unless they’re blatantly spam or offensive.

Some of your comments may still be in the moderation threads. As Spam Karma uses a different moderation queue from WordPress’ own, and since the interface does not exactly make it very easy to recover the few valid comments from among the thousands of spam comments, it’s going to take a while. If you think you’d rather re-post your comments, please feel free to do so.

Again, on behalf of the editor and other contributors here at the Blog Herald, we express our sincere apologies.

New Version of Woopra Released

Tabbed section example of live chat in Woopra

Example of Woopra geographical map to track visitors liveThe web analytics program, , that generated massive enthusiasm when John Pozadzides presented it at WordCamp Dallas, will release a new beta version on Friday along with thousands of requests for access granted.

“We are excited to be able to extend the Woopra Real Time Analytics service to an additional 10,000 users beginning Friday April 25,” said Jad Younan, CTO of iFusion Labs. “The infrastructure has been holding up well for the roughly 4,000 users who have been on the system the last few weeks, and this is the next step in our phased approach as we scale the business.”

Elie Khoury, iFusion Labs’ CIO, added, “In addition to the mass approvals for Webmasters who have been waiting patiently, we will be releasing a new version of the Woopra client application with bug fixes and a number of new features.”

Layered Technologies and 3Tera are providing 100 grid-servers to Woopra to handle the sudden demand from the early release of the beta version at WordCamp Dallas, and by this weekend, the numerous requests for Woopra invitations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis along with the release of the latest version.
[Read more…]

Welcome Our New Editor: Thord Daniel Hedengren

Folks, for some time now, the Blog Herald has been running on autopilot. When our former full-time editor Tony Hung left, there were various people who took on the task of being editor in the interim. But what did that actually mean? It mostly involves making sure posting schedules are met, comments were moderated, and that everyone was happy.

It’s probably not so obvious as with a single-author blog. We have an excellent team of contributors and columnists, after all. And pretty much like the Orpheus, we can liken ourselves to an orchestra that can play even without a conductor. But still, even a conductor-less orchestra needs the concertmaster. Simply put, a team needs a leader. And in terms of blogging we need an editorial voice. Sure, we can continue writing about our own interests and various news items that come up here and there. But an editor’s job is to give us the creative direction and focus we need to truly make an exciting blog about blogging.

It’s been under wraps for a short while now, and we are proud to announce our new editor here at the Blog Herald: Thord Daniel Hedengren.

Thord is a designer, a writer and a blogger from Sweden. He co-owns his own design and publishing company, and has been involved in several startups in his home country. He does work in a global environment, though, given the nature of the design and new media industry. And did you know Thord is into creative writing?

Thord has been with the Blog Herald for the longest time I can remember. He has been contributing since 2006, and has been responsible for some subtle (but important) design changes on the site. Thord has also reworked the design of various blogs in Splashpress Media’s network, including 901am, Blogger Jobs, Blog Network Watch, Jack of All Blogs, and several others, with the most recent being Wisdump where he served as editor until this move.

In Thord’s own words:

It feels great stepping into the front seat of The Blog Herald. To me, it is something of coming full circle, since my first international freelance gig was for this excellent site. I’ve got a ton of ideas, plans, and suggestions that we’re talking about internally right now, and among those is of course a new design, so expect more on that in the coming weeks.

So let’s give Thord a warm welcome!

Performancing Announces Blog Awards

Performancing Blog AwardsPerformancing’s Ryan Caldwell has recently announced the 2007 Performancing Blog Awards, which aims to highlight the very best that the blogosphere has to offer. Starting December 17th, bloggers are encouraged to nominate blogs and/or bloggers for various fields and categories.

Official Categories For The 2007 Performancing Blog Awards:

  1. The Best Overall Blog
  2. The Most Influential Blogger
  3. The Best Blog Design
  4. The Best Blog Typography
  5. The Best Blog Name
  6. The Best New Blog
  7. The Best Blog Community
  8. The Most Improved Blog of 2007
  9. The Best Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of
  10. The Best Blog Podcast
  11. The Best Use of a Corporate Blog
  12. The Best Video Blog
  13. The Best Writing/Blogging Blog
  14. The Best Science/Technology Blog
  15. The Most Controversial Blog
  16. The Best SEO Blog
  17. The Best Celeb/Style Blog
  18. The Best Business/Money Blogs
  19. The Best Photo Blog
  20. The Best Sports Blog
  21. The Best Blog WebHost
  22. The Best Family and Parenting Blog
  23. The Best Political Blog
  24. The Best Food/Health Blog
  25. The Funniest Blog
  26. It’s the people’s awards afterall…

  27. The Best Travel Blog
  28. The Best Education Blog

Performancing has also asked the blogging community for any help or tips in deciding which among the nominees are deserving enough to be awarded in each category, whether as the winner, runners-up or honorable mentions.

If you would like to make a nomination, please leave a comment at the Performancing 2007 Blog Awards page. You may also use the Award badge (direct hotlinking permitted) if you would like to help spread the word.

Disclosure: Performancing is owned by Splashpress Media, the parent company of the Blog Herald.

Evaluate Splashpress Media’s Worth and Win $1,000

Splashpress Media has been around for less than a year to date, but our foundations date back to much longer than that. And we’ve been building up our network with quite a lot of launches, re-launches and acquisitions these past months. Many of these had involved transactions with exact dollar figures, whether as cost or income.

In this crazy world of online businesses, there is much talk about worth. How much is your blog or blog network worth? If someone made an offer to acquire your site, would you take it? For how much? How would you know it’s a fair valuation? Loren Feldman over at 1938 Media has a good analysis of worth vis-a-vis value, and this has made us think about our worth as a company. Still, there are different ways to come up with the dollar value you can attribute to a business, and we would like to know your thoughts about how much you think we are worth. For the best “worth evaluation” we will give a prize of US$ 1,000.

So here’s the deal. We’ll give $1,000 cash to the best “worth evaluation” of Splashpress Media’s network via a comment in reply to this post, a post on your own blog with a pingback or a private email via our contact form.

We already know its value to us….!

To explain a bit further- what we are looking for is the best “model” for “worth evaluation”, not the $$ figure itself, i.e: it really doesn’t matter whether you think we are “worth” a million bucks or zero, it is how you got to the numeric figure that matters. And to make it harder, we’re not going to provide any stats whatsoever or any revenue figures. You’ll just need to guess at the reality or the potential- up to you.

Again, we already know the company’s value to us, each as individual contributors to the whole (which makes value subjective!). But learning how much you think we are worth, and how you come up with that dollar figure make things more interesting.

Anyone interested has up to end of this week–Sunday, Nov. 11th, midday EST–to send in “worth valuations” either by comments, email or pingbacks/trackbacks, and we will announce the winner on the 12th.

Splashpress Media Acquires Devlounge

Adding to its recent string of acquisitions, Splashpress Media has announced that it has bought design-oriented community site Devlounge. In an announcement by Thord Daniel Hedengren, he says he will be coming onboard to manage Devlounge, but he doesn’t expect any drastic changes anytime soon.

We’re happy with Devlounge and won’t be making any crazy changes. We’ll go on as it always has, and see where we can up the speed, as well as trying to figure out what’s the next step for the site. Naturally, we’ll involve our readers in all of this, so there’ll be no drastic changes all of the sudden. The readers are the most important part of a blog, and that goes for Devlounge as well. So let us know what you think, if you have any suggestions and so on. We want to know!

One thing we’ll do for sure is to continue the tradition of Friday Focus, which is celebrating one year today, with AJ at the helm as long as he likes. We’ll also try to release some new WordPress themes, joining the excellent ones available. Those will get a 2.3 update as well, with added tag support – most likely we’ll have two versions there, we’ll see. Also, a few other planned surprises in this area, all in line with what Devlounge’s done so far.

Splashpress Media Acquires Heavyweight Blogs from Bloggy Network

New Media company Splashpress Media has announced the acquisition of five premier blogs from Bloggy Network LLC.

Along with this acquisition, Splashpress Media has also announced that Mr. David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, is now joining the company as Head of Marketing. David has extensive experience in the new media industry, and looks forward to leading the charge in building up the Splashpress Media brand.

In a private sale for an undisclosed amount, the following blogs will now be operated by Splashpress Media:

Blogging Pro– Blogging Pro regularly features news, themes and plugins for blogging applications in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The site regularly discusses a wide array of blogging-related topics, from personal blogging, to blog monetization, to the technical aspects of blogging.

Forever Geek – Forever Geek is a blog written for geeks by a group of geeks who each have their own passions and interests. Forever Geek provides geeks with links to interesting news, sites and reviews online without the usual clutter of other geek-oriented sites.

Celebrific – Talking about celebrities is what Celebrific is all about. Featuring a “hot woman (or man) of the day” every day, and a weekly “Celebrific lowdown” summary of happenings every week, as well as regular postings and photos of stars. Celebrific is sure to satisfy anyone’s celebrity fix.

Filmsy – Authored by true film buffs, Filmsy reviews the latest box office and disc releases, with honest to goodness commentary. Reviews and commentary are both on new movies and classics from the past ages of cinema.

bFeedMe – bFeedMe aims to satisfy readers’ hunger for information about food, whether they’re tips on the latest great restaurants, delicious recipes, or anything about food in general.

The acquisition brings in tens of thousands of visitors every day, along with tens of thousands of existing feed subscribers, increasing Slashpress Media’s reach into the blogosphere.

Splashpress Media has been looking for some time to establish an entertainment network in its portfolio and is also currently launching a new TV blog- Erati, while also relaunching a Hollywood Blog and one on Celebrity Chefs.

Splashpress Media, owned and operated by Mark Saunders, delivers some of the top blogs and blogging services in the industry, including the Blog Herald, 901am, Performancing, Tubetorial and Eaton Web, amongst others, and considers the newly-acquired sites as making its network wider and deeper.

About Splashpress Media

Founded in 2006, with over 100 blog-related sites and 200 people working in its network, Splashpress Media has quickly evolved into a significant new media company focusing primarily on ways to help the modern blogger succeed– whether that be through news, tutorials, analysis, metrics, designs, tools, products or services.

Splashpress Media is a UK based company with satellite offices around the world.

Media Contact:

J. Angelo Racoma
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

About Bloggy Network

Founded in 2005, Bloggy Network is a uniquely focused blog network, encompassing not only blogs, but the entire blogging experience. To that end the company not only operates popular blogs, but also a blog portal under the Blog Flux brand and award-winning blog design through its Design Disease brand.

Media Contact:

Jacob Gower
[email protected]

Splashpress Media Launches Blogosphere News

For the new media company that we are, Splashpress Media has still been focusing on contributor-driven content, and not much on user/reader-driven content. Sure, with Performancing the forum and the Performancing blog are all about the readers as contributors. But there’s still something amiss–a site where the users really get to shine.

So with this we thought of a social bookmarking/news site that focuses on one of our areas of expertise: the blogosphere. Splashpress Media is proud to announce the launch of Blogosphere News as a social news site that focuses on blogging-related content.

Blogosphere News

With Blogosphere News, members can submit their own entries, and these can be anything related to blogging–new blog launches, blogging tips, blogging news, blogger events, software, widgets, how-tos, videos, and the like. Users also get to vote on other members’ stories that they think are worth reading. Bad stories (spam, duplicates, useless stuff) can be “buried”. The more popular entries would then be promoted to the front page. You know the Digg system? Yes, it’s the same!

Blogosphere News also features a “live” view, where you can take a peek at what’s being submitted or voted on at any single moment. You can also take a look at the tag view, where keywords are listed by weight and importance.

Easy submit links

Blogosphere News also lets bloggers easily submit links to the system by adding a simple line of code to their themes. Clicking these would automatically submit the URL of the page being viewed to Blogosphere News.

Blogosphere News button

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Would look like this:

Blogosphere News link

<a href="javascript:void(document.location = ('' .concat(document.location))) ">Submit post to Blogosphere News</a>

Would look like this:

Submit post to Blogosphere News

A chance to win prizes

What’s more is that for the next three months, we would be running a contest where the member with the most voted stories will win prizes. The following prizes are at stake:

  • $100 (payable via PayPal)
  • A free BlogHoster software package (worth $250)

The members at second and third spots get $50 each. I’m still negotiating other prizes (in kind or in cash), to make things more interesting.

As for the rules, the entries have to be blogging-related or at least relevant to new media/social media. And employees/contributors of Splashpress Media are not eligible to join the contest.

New pMetrics Plugin for WordPress Released

Peformancing has recently announced the release of a new pMetrics plugin for WordPress, which is considered revolutionary and a “major step forward in WordPress plugin technology.” According to Ryan Caldwell, the idea behind the new plugin is to move away from the usual manual way of updating software and plugins, which is especially tedious when running a big number of blogs.

In a nutshell here’s what the pMetrics plugin offers:

  1. Auto-updates (this option can be toggled on and off)
  2. One-click installs for added functionality
  3. One-click removals (deletes files off the server)
  4. Blog stats in your WordPress dashboard
  5. Latest searches display
  6. pMetrics rank display
  7. Auto-installation of pMetrics javascript code

This new software architecture was done on top of the Performancing pMetrics API. Performancing promises added features soon, such as auto-installation of affiliate banner in sidebar, blog sales page with detailed pMetrics statistics, and feedburner integration.

Download and support notes are available via the announcement page

Disclosure: Performancing and the Blog Herald are both owned by Splashpress Media.