April Fools Pranks From Around The Web

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It’s April fools day otherwise known as the day when you disregard all news on the Internet and check back the next day to see if it’s real. Playing on the silly side, Google, AOL and a few others have put up their elaborate and humorous April Fool’s Day pranks.

Huffington Post Erects PayWall For NYTimes Employees

The New York Times has faced some retaliation from readers and Bloggers over erecting a paywall. While the publisher has tried to make good by allowing incoming links from social channels to sidestep the wall, backlash hasn’t eased.

Recognizing the opportunity to poke fun and mock the New York Times was AOL/HuffPo’s own pay wall. This pay wall is exclusive for New York Time’s Employees and mocks the restrictions placed on article viewing.

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Google Security Breach: 20 Million Accounts Compromised

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Gmail LogoGoogle email users who store any of their personal information in their accounts should be very concerned, a Google engineer confirmed today that approximately 20 million accounts have been hacked, allowing for user information to be gathered.

Along with basic login details, hackers have also compiled a list of users whereabouts through the use of Google IP tracking and stored encrypted cookies.

Also affected are free and corporate accounts from Google Apps for Domains.

Google engineers are urging Gmail users to change their password as often as possible (at least every few hours) over the next several days until the direct cause of the hack can be discovered.

U.S. and EU officials are investigating the breach and are expected to release their own findings in the next five to six months.

April Fools: Nonsense Or Good Fun?

April 1st. You know what that means: You can’t trust the news. Not online, and not in print. Everyone and his mother tries to trick you into believing some preposterous story. All in good fun.

It’s also utter nonsense.

I’ve pulled a few April Fools pranks myself, on both a personal level, and as a publisher. Some was so good that they reached trade magazines, reported as real news. That was a lot of fun, especially since anyone buying it would, in one particular case, visit a website which clearly showed what kind of a joke it was. [Read more…]