Twitter Really Isn’t Making A TV Show (Please Stick Around Ashton Kutcher)

Twitter isn’t making a TV show. Apparently that needs to be said twice, since the Twitter Blog posted about it again. “Just to be clear” they say, but in reality I think it is the prospect of losing Ashton Kutcher that sparked them to not just go on about the openness of the platform. Obviously it worked, he’s twittering away as usual. However, I bet we’ll see more and more of Twitter in mainstream media, which includes possible TV shows built in part around the service.

Kutcher said that he didn’t want to get stalked. Well, the openness of Twitter makes that kind of impossible. Anyone can move along with a Twitter project if they want to. Then again, they only get what you give them, Kutcher, so think before you tweet. You know, like you do before you talk…

Oprah Bursts Through The 1 Million Followers Barrier

That didn’t take long. Oprah now has 1,011,210 followers (which has probably changed when you read this). Remember Ashton Kutcher’s race with CNN to 1 million? Well, he should be glad that Oprah didn’t participate. 42 updates (the last one from May 10th) since shouting out her arrival on April 17th. Now would she please do something good with this, OK?

Celebs on Twitter still see a one way street?

When Twitter broke the mainstream, Eric Weaver from the Brand Dialogue made a valid observation. When there is finally a chance to interact with their fans in ways unimagined before, celebs in general still don’t want to listen. If you look at the chart of followers vs. following ratio, most hard hitting celebs are following much less than 10% of their audience.

Yet that’s how many Twittering celebrities are using the site: as one more one-way communication channel. Some seem to be taking the time to respond to fans, but most appear very uni-directional.

Is it the inconvenient truth therefore, that when mainstream takes over, the conversation always becomes a one way street?

Oprah To Start Twittering Today

Big time Oprah fan MG Siegler on TechCrunch noticed that Oprah will start twittering today (being Friday). He puts it together with Evan Williams’ tweet yesterday and the fact that Ashton “1 Million Followers” Kutcher is her guest. She’ll most likely send her first tweet on the air, and then the failwhale will haunt us for some time, probably. After all, Oprah tends to have some people watching, so expect a huge signup rate the coming days.