Associated Press Attempts To Stay Relevant With New Stylebook

AP Stylebook

AP StylebookThe Associated Press today announced their newest AP Stylebook, this time focusing on social media guidelines. The “page turner” includes such changes as turning “Web site” to “website” and includes 41 additional definitions, use cases and rules.

What makes no sense from my point of view is turning “smartphone” into “smart phone” which from my 14 years experience in the cellular industry is just simply wrong. They’ve also hyphenated “e-reader” and they list “fan”, “friend” and “follow” as nouns and verbs.

Acronyms also make an appearance including ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing), BRB (Be Right Back), G2G (Got To Go) and POS (Parent Over Shoulder) among several others.

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The Most Aggressive Copyright Holders

When it comes to matters of copyright, some companies have an earned reputation as being attack dogs. They are known for filing takedown notices at the drop of a hat, throwing lawsuits around at will and generally intimidating anyone that they feel gets too close to their intellectual property.

Though there is nothing wrong with being aggressive about your copyright, especially when you make your living from it. The problem comes when companies cross the line and sacrifice the rights of users and the public in their bid to protect their work.

These attack dogs are dangerous for many reasons. First, they are the ones most likely to file takedown notices, including against bloggers. Second, they often times trample free speech and run afoul of the law. Finally, they also end up writing both the copyright news we read and many of the copyright laws we follow.

So who are the most aggressive copyright holders? Though such a list is entirely subjective, here is my personal list of the most aggressive major copyright holders I have been tracking. [Read more…]