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February 3, 2012

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Never Becomes an Authority Blog

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Authority BlogThe buzz words “trust” and “authority” are being thrown around these days in almost any article or blog post you read that has to do with SEO. In the last year, Google has made many changes to its ranking algorithm that put more emphasis on how other sites view yours. Perfect example would be ProBlogger. Obviously that blog is seen as an authority in the blogging niche. Google knows this because it has a lot of one-way links from highly relevant sites, and because other bloggers mention it in their content (like I just did). These are not the only ways that Google determines if a site is an authority site, but you get the idea. Because of all of this, everyone who opens a new blog wants to become an authority in their niche. Obviously, the difficulty of doing that will depend on what niche you choose. Regardless of the niche, however, if you want to guarantee that your blog never becomes an authority blog, make sure you do the following things:

After Your 10th Blog Post, Start a Coaching Program

Listen, experience and knowledge are totally over–rated. In reality, all you need to do to become a “mentor” or a “coach” in your niche is to say that you are! Don’t get all worried about refunds and people eviscerating you for not knowing your butt from your elbow, just read posts and articles by other experts in your niche, and regurgitate them in your own words! So what if your members don’t ever really learn anything new, or that most of them probably know more than you, what’s important here is their recurring $49.95 membership fee. read more

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October 8, 2008

What is the Most Important Blog Quality?

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Here is a question for you.

What is the most important quality a blog can have? read more

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September 12, 2008

Budget Fashionista Fashion Blog Success Story

budget fashionista kathryn finney client case studies If you were to throw a party in honor of your blog, how many people would turn up?

One of my lovely clients, Kathryn Finney, wrote to tell me how I missed out on a brilliant party. Their bash was to celebrate 5 years of Budget Fashionista.

At New York Fashion Week.

Over 500 people attended, with 100 queuing to get in! read more

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