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October 24, 2008

More Aweber Love and Reasons to Use Them

John Chow joins Darren Rowse in the I Love Aweber club, and highlights the new Twitter feature we’ve mentioned previously. It appears as if Aweber’s got dedicated users, always a good sign.

Speaking of which, Darren Rowse published his 8 reasons why to add a newsletter to your blog:

  1. Newsletters create Loyalty
  2. Newsletters Develop Relationships and Trust
  3. Newsletters Drive Page Views/Traffic
  4. Newsletters are Familiar
  5. Newsletters Build a Core Community and Enhance Reader Engagement
  6. Newsletters can Track and Target Groups of Readers
  7. Newsletters help build Momentum
  8. Newsletters Open Up Possibilities for Monetization

All good reasons, and more in-depth in the post of course. My personal opinion is that adding a newsletter is a good idea overall, and you can most certainly get spinoffs from it. You’ll need a plan of course, but there are most certainly possibilities here.

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October 8, 2008

Aweber Talks to Twitter

Aweber, a mailing list service that costs money, has added Twitter support. This means that you can send a tweet automatically, when a new email is being delivered to the mailing list. Darren Rowse, an Aweber users, has screenshots.

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