Interview: Darren Rowse on TwiTip

TwiTip interview with Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse on TwitterDarren Rowse is frequently mentioned here on the Blog Herald, but it is usually due to his excellent blog ProBlogger. This time, however, it is all about his most recent venture, a blog about microblogging service Twitter. We wrote about the launch of TwiTip previously, and the blog is shaping up nicely, with a steady stream of content, as well as a huge amount of comments.

I was curious to know why Darren elected to launch TwiTip, and there’s no better way to saturate your curiosity than to ask, so I did just that. Read on for more! [Read more…]

B5media Revamps Pay Model, Bloggers Lose Money

Blog network b5media is revamping their pay scheme, and that means a lot less money for the bloggers. More or less every blog within the network will see a drop in revenue because of this. TechCrunch broke the story by posting a memo from CEO Jeremy Wright, in which the following is key:

I’m sure by now you’ve run your blog through the system above and realized that (with a handful of exceptions), due to the change to Omniture as a stats package, your pay will go down. For some it will go down significantly. Obviously this isn’t the intent of the new pay system, it was just the flaw in the previous stats package. For the last two years, b5 has been effectively paying bloggers 2-3x more in traffic bonuses than they were actually getting. While, again, this isn’t a blogger’s fault, neither is the new pay system about “cutting pay”. Any reduction in pay is due almost exclusively to the reality of using an inaccurate pay system in the past vs an industry standard third-party audited system going forward.

Jeremy Wright has tried to respond to the post, but his comments are apparently getting caught in moderation, so he posted it on his blog for now. He points out the obvious culprit: [Read more…]

Blog Networks in a Tough Economy: Adapt or Starve

b5media Blog Network Team 2007

b5media Blog Network Team 2007

The U.S. and Canada are going through hard economic times. You knew that, right?

And you probably knew that blog networks, like all businesses, thrive or perish according to their ability to respond to changes in the economies in which they operate.

But what you maybe didn’t know is the extent to which the current economic struggles of Canada and the U.S. are affecting the blog networks you visit on a daily basis – Gawker, b5media, Federated Media, Splashpress (which owns this blog) and Weblogs, Inc., to name a few. [Read more…]

Know More Media Closes Shop

Know More Media will be closing its doors as of August 1, according to editor Easton Ellsworth, who confirmed the open letter from b5media’s Jeremy Wright to the KMM bloggers. Still no official announcement on the Know More Media blog though.

Jeremy pitches the KMM bloggers, asking them to join b5media by buying their blogs. It is all very tactful, I think. He also has an offer to the founders. [Read more…]

Blogs and Blog Networks in Canadian Web 2.0 Top 20

Backbone Magazine asked the readers to nominate Web 2.0 companies/services in Canada for a list, and then a jury took these nominations and made a list called PICK 20. This was the result:

01. Club Penguin
02. FreshBooks
03. ConceptShare
04. Cambrian House
05. Smallthought Sytems’ Dabble DB
06. Octopz
07. Open Text
08. Kaboose
09. Standout Jobs
10. NowPublic
11. blogTO
12. Jiibe
12. Something Simpler
14. Mob4Hire
15. MovieSet
15. b5media
17. SmartHippo
18. ThoughtFarmer
19. Protagonize
20. Store Ops-Center

Obviously, some of these have tied positions, as you can see from the list. Bold means blog related.

b5media Resurrects Flight Blog

Good news for aviation geeks, b5media is resurrecting an old blog called the Flightnest, with Mr. Plane (or Jarkko) in the cockpit. This from the launch post:

My name is Jarkko and I am a total plane grazy. I started to turn my head up in the sky about 20 years ago and after many neck pains :) I ended up here.

Among the things covered so far are pilotless airliners, the PiperJet, and today’s airports.

Two New b5media Blogs Launched

Another two b5media blogs launched recently. Marye Audet edits Simply Home Remedies, which is about just that. This from the launch post:

For the past 20 years or so my family has lived without the assistance of commercial medicines or doctors, except for things like broken arms and emergency surgeries on retro-pharyngeal abscesses. You know, the stuff I can’t butterfly bandage, make a tea for, or put a poultice on! Six of our eight children have been born at home. My nickname around here is Dr.Mom, Medicine Woman.

In the b5media post, Marye Audet is described/hyped like this:

I’ve often joked that Marye is Martha Stewart meets MacGyver.

I’ve personally called on Marye for a few tips and am 100% sold after seeing the quick successes of her suggestions.

The other blog is Canadian Music News, which surprisingly enough isn’t all Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, if you believed it would be. Jeanne Dupuis edits.