BBC Weds iPlayer and Social Media

BBC iPlayer 3

BBC iPlayer 3The much-discussed new version of the BBC’s iPlayer, which allows users to watch television shows and listen to radio programs up to a week after they’ve been broadcast, has finally been released. It’s been expected after a number of development blogs that this new version, iPlayer 3, would place greater emphasis on social interaction, and expectations have been met.

Primarily, the new iPlayer offers fairly seamless integration of Facebook and Twitter to allow users to share what they’re enjoying. This follows a growing trend towards user recommendations as tastemakers. (Apple’s Ping recently joined this fray, but Netflix dropped out of the competition.) [Read more…]

BBC advertises for Internet Blog editor

The BBC is advertising for a new editor for its Internet Blog, which covers a range of topics related to some of the BBC’s multimedia and online teams including BBC Online, BBC iPlayer, Future Media & Technology, Online Media Group and Vision Multi-platform.

Main duties of the role include:

  • Commissioning, writing and publishing blog posts on a daily basis;
  • Planning of future posts;
  • Managing and liaising with senior executives, communications and legal teams;
  • Managing the BBC’s social networking presence;
  • Connecting with users and audiences on BBC Online and other networks;

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Don’t You Dare to ;-) Me!

Oleg Teterin, a Russian entrepreneur, has gotten trademark approval for the ;-) emoticon, and he intends to cash in on it, says BBC. “Tens of thousands of dollars” will be the fine, but you can continue to use it in your personal IMs.

“I want to highlight that this is only directed at corporations, companies that are trying to make a profit without the permission of the trademark holder,” Mr Teterin said in comments on the Russian TV channel, NTV.

Now, this is most likely just a PR stunt, but even if Teterin is serious, it is highly unlikely that this will hold up. Personally, I find it hilarious, so I’ll use it one more time. I needn’t worry, the Blog Herald’s owner – Splashpress Media – will pick up the tab!

So ;-) to all the readers!

BBC Mumbai Twitter Debacle

BBC learned the hard way that Twitter is not always reliable. I doubt they thought so from the start, but the fact that they screwed up their Mumbai terror reporting running rumors floating on Twitter not only looks bad for the publisher, it also hurts the credibility of user generated content online. Steve Herrmann writes extensively on this on The Editors blog. [Read more…]