Facebook Credits, Coming To Walmart And Best Buy Stores Near You

Facebook Credits - Store Shelves

Facebook Credits - Store Shelves

With Facebook Credits already being successfully sold in Target Stores, the social network announced today that Walmart and Best Buy will also begin selling the sites virtual money.

Facebook credits will be available at both locations in denominations of $10, $25 and $50 and can be used anywhere on Facebook where the credits are already accepted, such as within Farmville and Frontierville and to buy virtual gifts which can be sent to other Facebook users.

Mashable spoke with a Facebook rep who said:

“As we approach the holiday gift-giving season, we’re happy to expand the availability of Facebook Credits gift cards to Walmart and Best Buy. More than 200 games and applications accept Facebook Credits, giving people a fun, convenient and secure way to buy premium items, and making Credits gift cards a unique gift for the holidays.”

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Where Twitter Wants to Be


From the official Twitter blog:

A small business like a bakery will send out a tweet that the cookies just came out of the oven and a few dozen local followers will rush over and buy warm cookies. The customers like it and the small businesses owners love it. Big companies are using Twitter in interesting ways too.

You’d love that, wouldn’t you, Biz? If Twitter was used that way, it would be hyperlocal and worth ten times more than any guesstimate out there today.

The featured Best Buy mashup Twelpforce thing is pretty far from what you’re dreaming of above, Biz, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Gizmodo Mocks Best Buy, Gets Same Treatment

Ah, the wonderful world of online publishing! Tech blog Gizmodo ran a post detailing the seven types of Best Buy employees, complete with caricatures and everything. Pretty funny, right? Well, Barry Judge and his fellow Best Buy peeps thought to respond in kind which is fair, despite them only finding one type of Gizmodo bloggers. Which sparked targeted blogger Adam Frucci to respond in a post of his own.

I enjoy the humorous pop at any establishment every now and then, but I must say I enjoy it even more when the establishment joins the fray this way. It’s all good natured and all, at least on the surface. And maybe it’ll keep someone from taking something like this across the line in the future, who knows?