Bing Moving Forward With Facebook Photo Search

Bing Social Search For Facebook Photos

Bing Social Search For Facebook PhotosBing has announced new improvements to its Facebook photos search function. The company is improving its user interface and adding support for a slideshow view.

Users who connect their Facebook accounts through Bing’s search service can use the Friends’ Photos feature to find their own photos and photos from their Facebook friends pages.

Bing launched its new Facebook photos search feature in August, adding to Bing’s Social Sidebar feature. The feature is integrated alongside Bing’s standard webpage search results.

Today’s improvements, much like Bing’s original setup, only feature photo returns when a user is friends with a Facebook.
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Bing Search Integrates With Facebook Photos, Adds Better Search Capabilities

Facebook Photo Search Through Bing

Facebook Photo Search Through Bing

Bing and Facebook further integrated their partnership on Thursday. Bing is now capable of allowing users to search Facebook photos for their accounts and friends accounts after authorizing the feature via the Bing app.

When searching the images section on users will now see their results listed in a Pinterest-style layout (pictured above).

Bing takes its Facebook photo searching one step further, added the ability to search for specific keywords that have been added to photo captions or album titles, a feature even Facebook has not integrated on its own platform. [Read more…]

Microsoft Resorts to Giving Free Wi-Fi in Exchange for Bing Search

If you regularly check Techmeme tech news aggregator, you’d know that the biggest news today as it always been whenever things like this happen – is Google’s acquisition of mobile ad technology company AdMob.  But if you scroll through the Techmeme page, passing through the list of blogs covering the news, you’d see a small headline that says – “Microsoft Bing Gives WiFi Users Free Search”.

So, what was that all about? [Read more…]

Microsoft shows off overhauled MSN home page


Do you use some kind of information portal as your regular launchpad onto the web? There are certainly plenty of dedicated ones to choose from, as well as being able to choose any web page as your start page, of course.

Microsoft is hoping that it can increase the popularity of its MSN home page with a preview version of the new look just announced.


As you’d expect, the Bing search engine features prominently on the new site which, based on user feedback, is supposed to be less cluttered and easier to use than the current one. [Read more…]

Bing and Google start to index public Twitter feed

We’ve already reported that Microsoft’s Bing search engine had started indexing prominent Twitter users’ tweets, but now Twitter has announced official support for indexing of tweet content by both Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft has announced that it now has access to the entire public Twitter feed and have launched a beta of Bing Twitter search (US only at present). [Read more…]

BingTweets Marries Twitter and Bing

bingtweets.jpgI’m a bit surprised to see BingTweets, a marriage between Twitter and Microsoft’s search engine Bing, courtesy of Federated Media and Microsoft themselves. Why? This from the Bing blog:

How does partnering with Twitter make Bing a more effective decision engine? Many people share their thoughts on Twitter, and search engines don’t currently do a great job of capturing that real-time content. We designed Bing to help you make faster, more informed decisions, and, since people often turn to real-time content to help them make decisions, BingTweets was a logical next step.

Federated Media has a post up on it as well, not adding too much. I fail to be wowed by this though, it lacks the fine-tuning of projects like ExecTweets for example. This is just a ticker, some trending topics, and the option to search Bing and Twitter at the same time.

Bing to index prominent Twitter users as Microsoft develops real-time search

While Google may be looking into making Twitter searchable, Microsoft has already started implementing its own real-time search into Bing.

At present it’s a fairly limited offering, indexing “some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres”.

It seems that you can only search for the latest tweets from certain people who have been indexed, using syntax such as “[name] Twitter” or “[name] Tweets” or “@[name]”.

As a concept, it’s a good start though I’m not interested in using any search engine to find anyone’s latest tweets — I use Twitter or one of its desktop clients for that. [Read more…]

China Blocks Twitter and Bing, Rest Of Web Too

It seems as if China is blocking Twitter as well as Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. Other blocked sites is, YouTube, Flickr, Hotmail and several others. Ryan McLaughlin blogs from China and thinks the block is due to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4.

I can only predict the next few days will see more and more sites being blocked, hopefully with things returning to normal shortly after (though if past blocks are anything to go by, it could be weeks or months).

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