WordPress Getting BlackBerry v1.6 Upgrade In ‘Near Future’

Wordpress for Blackberry

Wordpress for BlackberryBlackberry mobile apps don’t always get much update love, that’s why news of a BlackBerry v1.6 upgrade for WordPress should come as a welcomed surprise for Blackberry toting WordPress users.

While the new application update is being called a “Refresh” release  it does bring some much needed improvements to Blackberry OS 6 & 7 operating systems.

Among improvements are better capabilities for the following options:

  • Option/setting for # of comments to download
  • Infinite scrolling on posts/pages/comments
  • Add Images Alignment options
  • Integrate the WordPress.com Reader
  • Add the ability to make a post sticky [Read more…]

Finally, Facebook Messenger Available For BlackBerry With Great New Features

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Facebook Messenger 1.5 has landed on Blackberry with all its features. The social networking site has announced that the latest version of Facebook messenger has now targeted the top three Smartphone platforms- Blackberry, iPhone (iOS) and Android. Blackberry has iOS5 and thus is supported with the Facebook messenger 1.5. The Facebook Messenger for Blackberry is launched recently but for the android devices and iPhones it was released a few months ago.

The new version of Facebook Messenger is added with some great performance improvements as well as a few new features along with the support for the Blackberry platform. If you want to use the newest version of Facebook messenger on your Android smartphone, you can get it from the Googleís Android Market and if you want to use it on your iPhone, you can get it from Appleís App Store. The Facebook Messenger 1.5 for Blackberry is available on RIMís BlackBerry App World. [Read more…]

Facebook, Twitter, and RIM mulls UK PM Cameron’s riot block threat

Social Media LogosIn the midst of the week’s widespread lootingBritish prime minister David Cameron suggested blocking individuals from accessing their social media accounts if they’re found to be openly plotting violent acts.

Twitter, Facebook, and BlackBerry Messenger have been pointed out as playing a role in organizing riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities in the UK.

Home Secretary Teresa May has summoned the three companies to discuss methods of preventing people from organizing violent mass actions.

[Read more…]

Blackberry: Facebook For Playbook Is Now Relevant Again


Despite being about half the size of rivals like iPad 2, Playbook is currently the only tablet blessed with an “official” Facebook app.

Until recently the Facebook for Playbook app wasn’t very impressive when compared with official apps upon iPhone and Android (which was disappointing considering the power of RIM’s tablet).

Fortunately it looks like RIM has revamped their Facebook app as their latest update makes using Facebook much more enjoyable experience. [Read more…]

New Twitter For Blackberry Sheds Beta, Goes Public


RIM has rolled out the latest update for the Twitter for Blackberry app (which they were beta testing for several months) to the masses, which should bring it closer to its iOS and Android cousins.

Although the new app includes a few extra features such as push notifications, mentions and auto-completion of hash tags (a feature long overdue).

However Twitter for Blackberry’s newest feature will help bring Twitter’s unofficial app into the 21st century.

[Y]ou can pinpoint your location in a neighborhood and include it your Tweets. […]

Viewing someone else’s location – if they have enabled this feature – is really easy too! All you need to do is select the location icon that appears in the bottom right corner of their tweet and a map view will open, allowing you to see where they were when they submitted that Tweet. (Official Blackberry Blog)

Adding location will help RIM remain competitive against rivals like UberSocial (formally known as UberTwitter), who embraced tweet location months (if not years) ago.

Unfortunately the latest update does not yet support video uploading (through third party services like TwitPic, Posterous or yFrog), although hopefully RIM will consider adding that feature when they roll out the next update.

Facebook: Blackberry Fans Can Now Chat With iPhone Lovers


RIM has released the latest beta for Blackberry for Facebook which not only sports a cleaner user interface, but also gives fans a feature that iPhone lovers have enjoyed using for many months.

You can now check to see which of your Facebook friends are online and start a Chat conversation from within the Facebook application or within the unified mailbox on your BlackBerry smartphone.

On Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, as long as your status is set to online, you still receive notifications even if you are not using the Facebook app. (Official Blackberry Blog)

RIM also has included a plethora of updates for the app including the ability to actually view critical information (relationship status, contact info, etc.) as well as a new UI for the Blackberry Facebook wall.

However the addition of Facebook chat will give Blackberry fans yet another reason to stay with RIM instead of defecting towards the iPhone (not to mention an Android device as well).

Unfortunately there doesn’t yet seem to be a way to upload video from the app, although the company may add that feature to the masses in a future update.

Users will need to sign up for the Blackberry Beta Zone in order to test out the latest features upon the Facebook Blackberry app.

Twitter For Blackberry Embracing Long Awaited Features


Despite not being officially maintained by Twitter HQ (RIM supports the app), Twitter for BlackBerry is one of the top mobile apps despite its limitations.

Fortunately for BlackBerry addicts, RIM is about to introduce a few useful updates that are considered standard features by many third party Twitter apps (not to mention the official ones as well).

Some of the new and exciting features in this release include Geotagging Tweets, Push @Mentions, Chat-Style Messages, #Topic Autocomplete and more! You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the Twitter graphics throughout the app to reflect the new look of the Twitter brand. […]

Now when you’re mentioned on Twitter, you’ll immediately receive a notification on your BlackBerry smartphone through the use of BlackBerry Push technology. You can control whether you want to be notified when anyone mentions you, or just when your followers mention you. With Push @Mentions, you’ll know who is talking about you or to you, so you can continue the conversation as it happens. (Inside Blackberry)

These features are not yet live for Twitter for BlackBerry, as RIM is still beta testing the future release in order to squash any bugs remaining within the app.

There is still no word on when (hopefully not “if”) RIM will consider adding video support for the app, a feature available for both the official iOS and Android apps (not to mention a few third party BlackBerry apps as well).

Users interested in testing out the latest features will need to log into the BlackBerry Beta Zone (account required).

For those of you testing out the app, what feature do you love and what features would you like to see?

UberMedia Repents, Submits To Twitter’s Demands


twitter earlybirdThe drama between UberMedia and Twitter is coming to an end, as the former has agreed to follow Twitter’s TOS, but also change the name of a prominent app upon Blackberry in order to avoid violating Twitter’s trademark.

We were immediately in touch with Twitter, and the changes they asked us to make were very small.  As a result, we have completed the changes, and new apps are currently being posted to their respective stores.  Twitter has assured us that as soon as those changes were complete, they would reactivate our applications.

Twitter also asked us to modify the name of UberTwitter.  We began a process of changing the name three weeks ago by polling our users, and we’ve decided based on their input to change the product name to UberSocial, which we completed today. (Official UberMedia News) [Read more…]

Twitter Banishing Tweet Apps From The Twitterverse?

Blackberry and Android fans unfortunately have two less tweet apps to use as Twitter has banished two prominent apps for violating their TOS (among other things).

We have suspended UberTwitter and twidroyd for violating our policies.

Every day, we suspend hundreds of applications that are in violation of our policies. Generally, these apps are used by a small number of users. We are taking the unusual step of sharing this with you because today’s suspension may affect a larger number of users. (Twitter Help Center)

According to a memo sent TechCrunch, Twitter banned UberTwitter and TwiDroyd for not only violating the social network’s trademark, but for also altering tweets sent out by users in order to generate more profit via ads.

Twitter has also suspended a third app from UberMedia (UberCurrent), although it’s unclear whether they will consider expanding the ban towards Echofon and TweetDeck (both prominent tweet apps upon iOS).

UberMedia has yet to publicly respond to their apps being blocked by Twitter (as they have been very silent upon their official blogs and twitter accounts), although hopefully they will provide an explanation soon in order to regain the trust of not only Twitter, but their users as well.

Gist ‘Relationship Manager’ Purchased By Research In Motion

Gist Logo

Gist LogoResearch In Motion (RIM), the company behind the Blackberry line of devices today announced the acquisition of Gist, a ‘relationship manager’ that socially connects your contacts into your life.

The program works by taking your Gmail, Google Apps, Lotus Notes and Outlook accounts and connecting their contacts in a single database that can then be accessed anywhere a web connection is available and through iPhone and Google Android operating systems.

The contacts that are pulled are then linked into either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, giving users a truly social agenda with their contacts.

Taking the idea even further, Gist groups together contacts, for example you can look at specific conversations or even people in the same group or company. [Read more…]