The Power of Proper Blog Branding


Contrary to what others think, blogs need branding, too. We all know that, as a blog becomes public on the World Wide Web, the owner bears the initial concern of attracting his or her initial readers. To gain a reader base more easily, a blog should have the proper branding.

Branding is the process of putting an identity on a certain product, business and service; branding also allows a blog owner to give his or her blog its own identity, for it to have uniqueness and character. Normally, blog branding is done before anything else, even before choosing a domain name. It is executed before a blog’s launching, before its first reader is able to see it. Branding aims for recognition, identity, and individuality so that a blog can have its distinctive place on the World Wide Web, especially with its target niche. It is the first step in attracting influencers to your blog.

The blog’s name. Once you register a blog’s domain name, you can’t change it. Though blog owners should think of branding before anything else, the only thing you can do in such a case is to give your blog an appropriate name. You don’t have to be an expert at advertising to think of a good blog name. You just have to relate the name to your blog’s niche, or at least to your blog’s domain name. The blog’s name will have an important role in your blog’s future, since it will be used for many optimization campaigns. So giving your blog a name should not be taken for granted. [Read more…]