My Top 15 Favorite Places to Submit a Guest Article


As most Blog Herald readers probably know, I am a full-time guest blogger. I have at present written approximately 440 guest articles that have been scattered over almost 130 different blogs. Now I am not here to brag about how great this is, and if it was your full-time job, you would be in the exact same position (if you aren’t already). I am simply telling you this to give you a perspective on just how many different publishers I have worked with and how many different blogs I have gone out and analyzed both before and after my guest post went live.

I thought it would be helpful to compile a list for the blogging community to help those who need to guest post. I have therefore created a list of my top ten favorite blogs to offer up a guest post. I based my decisions on three things:

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The Case For and Against Blog Editors

One of the most divisive issues among bloggers is whether it is better to use a blog editor, such as Windows Live Writer or MarsEdit, or just your default Web-based writing panel in WordPress or MovableType.

There are strong believers in both camps and both sides have excellent points. As with most great debates, it comes down to a matter of personal choice but before you decide which camp you are in, it’s important to understand at least some of the arguments for and against using a stand alone blog editor application.

Whether it is a Firefox extension, such as Scribefire, a whole new application, such as Blogo, or something else altogether, there are drawbacks and benefits to doing your writing outside of your blog’s admin panel and it is best to be aware of them.

So here are five of the biggest arguments for and against using a new application to create your blog posts. [Read more…]