A Word From the New Blog Herald Owners

A pleasant day to y’all.

You may be aware that the Blog Herald has recently been sold–and much has been said in the few hours after Matt Craven has made the announcement. Sure enough, the fact that Matt indicated that “the new owners have chosen to remain undisclosed for the time being” has raised a lot of questions.

Well, to clear things up, I would like to introduce the new owners of the Blog Herald–Bloggy Network Ltd., a UK-based company (not to be confused with Bloggy Network, LLC). Today, December 5th, 2006, is the day that we legally become owners of BlogHerald.com, and our contract with Problogging Inc. takes effect.

We will be running the Blog Herald separately from the rest of our network.

We appreciate that, being a very young blog network, we have much to learn, and we understand that running the Blog Herald is by no means a small feat, as many people look up to the Herald as a premier source of news and commentary on the blogging industry. We hope to keep up with the Herald’s tradition of high standards and interactivity, building on the foundations established by Duncan Riley and further refined by Problogging Inc.

What’s in store for the Blog Herald?

We have big dreams and plans for the Blog Herald, which we will be sharing with you in the coming days, weeks and months. Of course, we need your help on this, as we would be going nowhere without the support and feedback from our readers.

In line with this, we have asked the current set of writers to stay with the Herald, to keep with the continuity and high standards of writing. We hope to be able to renew their contracts and bring in more writers this coming January.

Thanks and kudos

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Craven for all his help during our purchase of BlogHerald.com. He has been the consummate professional and gentleman. Matt has generously offered to personally assist while we transfer the site to our servers, and to help manage the site until then. Matt shall likewise stay on board the Blog Herald as a contributor.

Finally, we would also like to thank you, dear readers, for supporting the Herald so far. We hope you bear with us during this transitional period. It might take us a while to learn the ropes, so please feel free to drop us a (life)line at theblogherald [at] gmail.com (temporary, until we transfer the site to our server).

We’ve sold The Blog Herald

It was just ten months ago that we acquired The Blog Herald from Duncan Riley, the original founder. And now we’ve closed a deal to sell The Blog Herald to an undisclosed buyer.

It’s with a whole bag of mixed feelings that I find myself writing this post. Many of you have noticed over the last few months that we’ve been working on refocusing our company. Our core business has always been the consulting work that we’ve been doing since 1994 in one form or another. We also found ourselves not enjoying the blog network business as much as we used to do.. and with a hot market right now for existing blogs – it looked like a good time to divest ourselves of some of our sites.

This morning, for example, we finalized the sale of Blog Network Watch and BloggerJobs and a few other remaining blogs as well.

But it was never our intention to sell The Blog Herald…

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Tony Hung featured at Successful Blog

Liz Strauss’s monster Successful Blog, a part of b5media, has profiled Blog Herald blogger Tony Hung in a post today:

I asked how Tony connected with the Blog Herald ‘€” he said he suggested some topics and shortly thereafter, Matt read Tony’€™s blog and invited Tony write for them. The Blog Herald connection prompted Thord, another Herald writer, to invite Tony to be part of Bloggertalks, the hot new interview blog.

Blog Herald Going Out Of Style?

With Blog Herald divesting so many of its properties, our very own Tony Hung asks our very own Matt Craven some questions regarding the future of the company.

With BlogMedia transforming into ProBlogging.com, I pinned down Matt for a few words during the middle of a particularly bloody divestiture (is that a word?) for a few words on ProBlogging’€™s plans for its future, its focus and scope, and above all the burning question on my mind ‘€” is the BlogHerald safe from its bloody axe?

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Excess domains for sale

We’ve picked up a large number of domains over the years that are sitting around collecting dust. Take a look at the list after the jump and let us know if you see anything of interest.

Drop me a note at matt [at] blogmedia [dot] biz if you are interested in making an offer. All domains are at Namecheap and payment is accepted via Paypal.

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Dreamhost Not Asshats After All (With Their Blog, Anyway)

So, a few days ago one of our more senior columnists, Dave Krug, noticed that Dreamhost seemed to be deleting comments on their own blog after their most recent service issues.  I also blogged about it tangentially over on my own blog, and after a few days one of the Dreamhost employees got back to me and clarified things.

I’ll let Jeff from Dreamhost explain in his own words:

Turns out that Mr. Krug’€™s comments were eaten by a WordPress plug-in we use called SpamKarma – apparently it thought his comments were spam and retroactively removed them.

No DreamHost employee was involved in selectively censoring his comments. It was an automated removal.

I’€™ve posted a comment to this effect to his site, though it’€™s stuck in moderation until his approves it. We’€™ve explained the situation and have asked that if he has similar concerns in the future he contact us for an explanation before posting such accusations to his weblog. [me: I have since approved it]
Either way, we do prefer to ‘€œlay it all out there’€? – we’€™re confident in the services we offer and feel that in the end a reasonable comparison of us versus our competitors will show us in a good light (warts and all!).

While we only have Jeff’s word to go on, I think it does make sense [disclosure alert: I host my own blog on dreamhost] — they’ve had service issues before, and have been nothing but transparent about what happens in the background.  Opinions aside for whether or not they’re doing everything they can, or whether the service disruptions are or are not acceptable, I’ve noticed that in the past their blog never tries to hide what goes on.  I’ll also agree with Jeff on this one — there have been some pretty nasty comments on their blog in the past which they’ve let go as well.

Bottom line: It may have looked like they started deleting comments, but it may have been an overzealous spam eating script.

*Dr. Tony Hung also blogs at BloggerTalks.com

Introducing Muhammad Saleem!

We’re pleased to welcome Muhammad Saleem of The Mu Life as a blogger here at The Blog Herald.

Muhammad Saleem is currently a student at The University of Chicago, where he is finishing up his B.A. in Economics, and a minor in slavic languages and literature (with a focus on Russian). He spends most of his free time on various social bookmarking and networking sites (Digg, Netscape, Facebook) and writing about social media and socially driven content on his blog. In the past he has contributed to a campus business magazine as technology industry correspondent, and has been a IT/Biotech analyst for an investment banking group. He also had a brief stint at TechPedia.

Please join me in welcoming Muhammad to The Blog Herald!

We’re Hiring at The Blog Herald

Now that we’ve stablized with our current roster of bloggers and columnists, I’m looking for a few more voices to add to the mix here…..

If you’re a witty & interesting sort that spends far too much time looking at the Web 2.0 world – or something akin to it – then you’re the sort of person that we’re looking for. Drop us a line at jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with at least one writing sample fit to post at The Blog Herald. We’ll see if you have the right stuff.

More information after the break.

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