The Abe Olandres Legal Fund

A few days ago, our (then) editor Abe Olandres announced that he was passing on the helm of the Blog Herald to Tony Hung. They have thus switched places, with Tony as the new editor and Abe as assistant editor. Abe cited family and legal problems that were preventing him from giving more attention to the Herald.

My recent personal issues/problems have slowed me down tremendously. A death in the family, legal troubles and more- all have piled up on me so quickly that I have been barely able to focus on my work. So I am glad that Tony accepted this role willingly and on such short notice. I will still be around, sometimes writing, but more on the back-end of things and I will continue to help Tony run the site.

Abe has given a few details about his legal concerns, and frankly, it reeks of harassment. Abe is being bled dry of his financial resources, due to mounting costs of legal defense.

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Friends With the Bloggy Network

At the Bloggy Network blog, Jacob Gower posts that the folks over at the Bloggy Network have “no ill feelings” about the situation a while back over the new Blog Herald ownership.

During the recent acquisition of Blog Herald, there was a bit of confusion over the new owners. The company that bought Blog Herald was ‘Bloggy-Network’, not to be confused with our very own

The ensuing ruckus caused a lot of angry words to be thrown around, and in one unreported case, even a custard pie.

That has all been sorted out. Bloggy-Network has changed its name to Splashpress Media. The name ‘Bloggy Network’ will be used by us and only us. And with that, this chapter is closed. We are happy with the result, Splashpress Media is happy with the result, and there are no ill feelings between the either of us.

David Peralty likewise posted about this on Blogging Pro.

I speak for the Splashpress Media/Blog Herald team in saying we’re very happy that things have gone well, and that the differences have been settled diplomatically and with decency. I guess there’s no better way to take care of problems like this than to face them head-on, but calmly and with reasoning ability intact (people kind of lose this in fits of rage and anger). In our case, communications were privately exchanged between the concerned parties (Mark and Jacob) and they struck a deal.

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Introducing Lorelle VanFossen!

I am absolutely so pleased to introduce another member to our blogging team, Lorelle Van Fossen VanFossen! One of the few individuals who needs very little introduction, Lorelle is perhaps best known for her work on WordPress, blogging at

Contributing regular and beefy posts to the news and literature on WordPress has been a staple for Lorelle, and for those interested in using WordPress as a blogging engine, her blog is simply required reading. For the uninitiated, you could start with her Resource page — consider yourself forwarned, though there’s a lot of material in there!

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Blogging Choices

Yesterday, I made the choice to leave the Blog Herald as a contributor. Choices like this one can take longer to make for some people. In my case it has taken about a month. During these past 30 days I have learned that yes, I am a blogger and more than that I am an artist who not only practices the art of writing but that of image making, designing and gardening to name a few. [Read more…]

Introducing Dan Karleen

We’re proud to introduce yet another talented contributor into our pool of writers here at the Blog Herald. Please join me in welcoming Dan Karleen.

Dan Karleen is into online product management, developing new media products for Peterson’s, while he has been blogging for them for two years as editor of Syndication for Higher Ed– on topics at the intersection of higher education, new media, and marketing. [Read more…]

Last Chance To Win $200

We’ve had a great response to our post announcing our seasonal gift of $200 and a year’s link from the Blog Herald- to a deserving blog.

Last chance to enter or propose a blog is tonight, midnight– Pacific Standard Time.

The winner will be announced on January 2nd, after we have researched all the entries tomorrow and cast our respective votes.

Here is wishing all who have entered the best of luck, and to everyone- a very Happy New Year and Prosperous 2007!!

Welcoming Aileen Thompson!

It is our great pleasure to welcome to the Blog Herald another bi-weekly columnist: Aileen Thompson. Aileen will be our specialist “science blogger” bringing us all the latest news and analysis from the world of scientific blogging.

Aileen has more than a quarter century of experience in print media, having made the transitions from lead type to computer photo-typesetting to “user friendly” when Apple took over the industry in the early 1980s. She has been a graphic artist and reporter, editor and writer for newspapers, newsletters, magazines and special events periodicals in several states. [Read more…]

Introducing Chris Clarke!

The Blog Herald is proud to announce the latter half of our PR covering duo, Chris Clarke! Chris does a good job of introducing himself over at his first post, but to add a little bit of flavour, Chris is a professional within the public relations community, and currently works at Thornley Fallis Communications, where he began in June of 2006. He has made appearances at some of the industry’s premier podcasts, such as Across the Sound and For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.

Every second week Chris will be bringing his own insights to where public relations intersects with social media, and his own experiences as a professional within this rapidly changing industry.

Welcome aboard Chris!