Youth Bloggers Network Joins Teens In Tech, Pro Model Announced

Often praised blog host Teens in Tech, with 16 year old Daniel Brusilovsky as the CEO, has acquired Youth Bloggers Network. This from the latters post on the subject:

We decided that by joining forces, our projects could help each other vastly. We figured that YBN and TinT complement each other very nicely. TinT offers a place where teens can get set up with a free blog, while YBN offers a community for young bloggers to collaborate, communicate, and grow their blogs and projects.

Youth Bloggers Network is run by Patrick DeVivo, 15 years old. [Read more…]

JournalSpace blogging platform dies: why you must keep your own backups

It may not have been the largest free blogging platform available, but for anyone who used JournalSpace for their blog the events of the last week were catastrophically significant.

Three days ago, JournalSpace lost all of its data. Yes, all of it. The hardware itself was intact, which means that either the OS X Server suffered a major failure or someone with malicious intent wiped the hard drives. [Read more…] Passes 4 Million Blogs

wpcom4mblogs.gif, Automattic’s hosted version of WordPress, just recently passed a whopping 4 million blogs, as the screenshot above shows. That is some impressive number! I do wonder how many of these are active, and how many are spam? Perhaps the folks over at will touch that in the inevitable blog post announcing breaking 4M, we’ll see.