Network Solutions offers dedicated WordPress hosting package


ns-hosting-wordpressRather late to the blogging party, and deciding that a dedicated blog hosting package is better than a generic one, Network Solutions has announced its nsHosting for WordPress package that’s supposed to make it easy to set up and maintain a WordPress blog.

According to Network Solutions’ senior director of web presence, Navin Ganeshan, customers have been asking for WordPress. This strikes me as a little odd, given that the couple of times I’ve set up web hosting on a standard Network Solutions account, WordPress has always been an installation option, but perhaps it’s just about marketing to a certain audience. [Read more…]

BlogFlat Launches, Another Blog Host

BlogFlat is a new blog host, powered by WordPress MU, that launched last week. They position themselves as an alternative to other blog hosts with more options, and more freedom really. This from the about page:

What do i get after signing up?
Your own subdomain (name
Tons of nice WordPress themes
More tons of useful WordPress plugins
Customizable CSS code
Your own e-mail address (name – SOON!
SEO tools
…more and more

BlogFlat will also highlight blogs in various categories and award them prizes for being good, a nice idea if any. Check it out if you’re interested in a new blog host.

Talking Niche Hosting With the Founders

Hosting niche blogs is something I think we’ll be seeing more of, especially when the blog platforms are getting better and better with each release. We have previously covered Teens in Tech, the teens in love with tech blog host by 15 year old Daniel Brusilovsky, and then there’s Open Salon, taking a slightly different approach but at the same time being pretty niche since it looks to engage the Salon readers, certainly a crowd too. is another blog host going after a niche, this time people interested in everything Warhammer. So what is that? Well, it started like a table-top war game by Games Workshop, filled with Orcs and Elves and whatnot trying to kill each other. You would buy a bunch of lead figures, paint them, and then use the rules to bash other armies. Today it is a huge industry, with MMORPG heading for PC gamers, called Warhammer Online, and several spinoffs, like pen-and-paper role-playing games, books, and so on. [Read more…]