Determining the Worth of the Top Bloggers

The 24-7 Wall Street blog analyzed what makes a blog valuable and came up with The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs, offering some insights into how to value your own blog.

I’ve written on the topic of selling your blog in Selling Your Blog: What Are Buyers Looking For, Selling Your Blog: What Goes Into the Selling Price, Can You Sell Your Blog?, and How to Buy or Sell a Blog, and my research came up with a list of things buyers look for when considering buying a blog. It’s also a good list of things you should be aware of and doing with your blog to maximize profitability.

However, the biggest challenge in determining how much a blog is worth is putting an economic and investment value on blog elements and marketing techniques. Douglas A. McIntyre admitted the same challenges, saying:
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Forty Media To Run Business Logs

Last month we announced that Splashpress, the company that owns the Blog Herald, had bought Business Logs from Mike Rundle of 9rules, in a private deal. However, since then it has been unclear as to what the future held for Business Logs with neither party revealing any plans for a new management set-up. Until yesterday.

Business Logs is to be managed by Forty Media, who will be handling all aspects of the site- including dealing with the significant amount of blog design enquiries that are generated. As James Archer posted-:

Two of the biggest concerns with the sale were (1) keeping the high-quality blog going, and (2) continuing to offer awesome blog design services for clients.

To resolve those concerns, Mark brought in the company I work for, Forty, a well-known web design and development firm based (proudly) in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been designing and blogging since the old days, and have worked quite a bit with Mike in the past.

From here on out, we’re going to be managing the site, as well as overseeing the blog design work for Business Logs clients. We’ll also be working with Mike to give the site a fresh new look, and port it over from Movable Type (old and busted) to WordPress (new hotness!)

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Splashpress Buys Blog Advance


This afternoon it was announced that Splashpress Media, owner of Performancing, has purchased a small group of sites called Blog Advance, Blog Legion, and Top Blog Sites. The three sites formed during a time of discordance at BlogExplosion.

“Jack and Deb were sad to be leaving, but felt they could no longer keep up with the demands,” said Liz Strauss, who spoke with them this week. “Splashpress has ideas for adding value and expanding the offering to the community over time,” was all that Ms. Strauss added.

Blog Advance began as a click exchange program and later added a Blog Review and Directory, as well as Blog Legion, a blog hosting and free blog building center. The community boasts over 5,000 members.

Splashpress Buys Business Logs

Splashpress Media, the owners of the Blog Herald, have bought another major asset in blogosphere-, the renowned personal blog of 9rules’ Mike Rundle. Neither party is disclosing the amount paid. This comes hot on the heels of two sizeable acquistions by Splashpress, as reported here at the Blog Herald by David KrugPerformancing and Tubetorial.
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Selling Your Blog: What Goes Into The Selling Price?

In Selling Your Blog: What Are Blog Buyers Looking For?, I gave you some tips on what to consider when selling or buying a blog. It would be helpful to find a mathematical formula that looks at domain name value plus domain age plus commercial value plus traffic stat plus…and then multiplies it by the unexploited earnings potential – but as far as I’ve learned, buying and selling a blog is still a guessing game.

I featured the For Sale sign on Aarron Brazell’s Technosailor blog. I anxiously followed the sale to find out if it was possible to sell a personal blog and how it would all turn out. Weren’t you? Unfortunately, it was canceled.

In the cancellation of sale notice, Aaron Brazell had some brilliant observations on his experiences selling not selling his blog.

The public sale is canceled. Several folks have inquired on Skype and by email regarding the status of the sale, and unfortunately, public interest has not coalesced. This is disappointing for me, though it does give me some insight that I’ll share.

* The site is not properly monetized…
* Perceived value is in the eye of the beholder…
* Private is always better than public…
* Value is found in the blogger…

This is exactly what I found in my research. If you are considering a future blog sale with your blog, his lessons are ones you need to learn before you put a For Sale sign on your blog. You need to know what goes into the selling price and value of your blog, and what doesn’t. [Read more…]

Selling Your Blog: What Are Blog Buyers Looking For?

Aaron Brazell of TechnoSailor is selling his personal blog on Ebay Sitepoint. He’s added a “Buy Now” price of USD $30,000.

I’m not sure what the future holds for him, and I do hope he will not leave his passionate and much appreciated involvement in WordPress.

Still, this got me wondering about how much a blog is worth.

In October 2005, a fun gadget tool was developed which allows you to test your blog’s value, according to a combination of Technorati popularity and ranking, along with a value equal to the “dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal“, which was one of the largest blog sales at that time.

Using the tool, I decided to find out what was worth. In October of 2005, my blog was worth $80,000.00. Wow! I checked again a month later, and my blog was worth $145,651.00.

While it’s fun to make jokes about how I’m going to spend the money, this is just virtual paper, which is worth less than money on real paper. ;-)

Sixteen months later, and wondering about Brazell’s life changing blog sale, I started wondering what my blog is worth today.

It’s worth $776,807.04.


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Bloggy Network Sells Blog Directories

The Bloggy Network* has recently put three of the more established blog and RSS directories on the market, namely Blog Catalog, Eatonweb Portal, and 2RSS.

Within 24 hours of the Blog Catalog being listed on sitepoint (related news on Blogging Pro), the blog directory sold for its BIN price of US$40,000. 2RSS, meanwhile, sold for its BIN of US$ 7,000, while the BIN offer for Eatonweb as of this writing is currently US$ 10,000.

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