The Inquisitr Gives CPM Rates A Go

Duncan Riley’s news blog The Inquisitr is looking to hire writers, and the payment model is CPM based. That by itself isn’t anything new, but being up front with the reasoning perhaps is, Duncan writes extensively about it on his blog.

Personally, I wouldn’t go for this model unless the numbers looked really really good, but it is interesting to see publishers looking for payment solutions in today’s struggling economy. It’s even more interesting to read about the reasoning behind the decisions, and knowing Duncan I think we’ll find out how this experiment falls out.

ReadWriteWeb: Top Tier Bloggers Make $25 Per Post

ReadWriteWeb asked 20 top-tier bloggers how much money they make, and analyzed the data. Naturally, the span is great, but the average top tier blogger made $25/post.

RWW also analyzed in-house bloggers, either employed, or with special contracts, and got the following:

Our respondents reported annual pay rates ranging from $45k and $55k with benefits (!) up to $70k, $80k and $90k with bonuses. We’re tempted to say, based on the anonymously submitted but descriptive replies we got, that the closer to pure journalism our respondents were doing the lower their wages were.

For more, like where the big money is, check out the post.

Now, what does this mean? [Read more…]