Top Five WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO

Unless you do it for a living, SEO is probably one of your less favorite activities. Optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines is very time consuming, and with Google updating its algorithms all the time, you need to stay alert. For example, Panda which was a major update to Google’s search results ranking algorithm, launched in February 2011, and has since went through around 25 updates.

Thankfully, despite the landscape constantly evolving, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to keep your blog in shape. WordPress is designed to be simple right out of the box, and here are some general guidelines to follow:

Are You Properly Defined?

Every website or webpage has a title, description and keywords. When you first created your blog, this information was necessary to get started. Problem is, we change over time, and maybe the direction you originally headed is different from where you are now. Whenever you go through any changes, it’s very important to keep how you define your blog, updated. [Read more…]

7 Ways to Get in the Zone and Optimize Your Blogging


One of my favorite things about bloggers is their willingness to experience pain. We all know the classic stereotype of ‘basement bloggers,’ but it turns out that the blogosphere is comprised of millions of tough-minded people who are (mostly) slow to anger.

How can I tell?

After blogging and writing professionally for a handful of years, I can say with conviction that writer’s block is one of the most painful and frustrating experiences I have went through in my life. Staring at a blank page or a blinking mouse cursor in the wee hours of the morning is dreadful.

Yet, like every other blogger, I’ve willingly put myself in that situation time and time again as I’m attempting to craft a new blog post as an Internet marketer. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few techniques from newspaper editors, other bloggers and great writing minds that have not only helped free myself of a lot of writers block, but they have also improved the quality of my work.

These seven ‘writing hacks’ have optimized my blogging and I’m able to find the right frame of mind on a regular basis for writing blog posts that I’m extremely proud of. [Read more…]

Blogging SEO Tips (and pitfalls)


This is a guest post from Eric Gesinski who works for Tulsa Marketing Online doing Tulsa Web design and Tulsa SEO.

Blog SEO Tips and Tricks Writing a blog is a major part of internet marketing. Writing one that helps a site’s SEO and traffic generation is a little bit trickier. Here are some blog SEO tips and tricks to increase both.

Core SEO Elements
When writing any blog entry, getting organic traffic requires good old fashioned SEO 101. This means writing proper title tags, description tags, and doing proper keyword research. Make sure whatever topic you pick, choose unique keywords to put into your title tag. Build the description tag in your post to target people who would want to read the material you are posting. And make sure you keep it all consistent and related – having a hot keyword-laden title tag that isn’t closely related to what your content is talking about will only make your readers mad. And if you happen to be using WordPress to write your blog, having a plugin such as the All in One SEO Pack can definitely help with these elements. [Read more…]