The History of Data Storage:Infographic

Data storage technology has undergone an unprecedented explosion in development and evolution over the last three decades. You may have probably seen a photo about data storage that has been circulating in Facebook and other social media networks. In that clever photo, one panel showed a 250 MB hard disk developed by IBM. The hard disk was as huge as the external unit in a split type airconditioner and required a trolley for it to be transported. The other photo showed a 32GB microSD card. That photo clearly illustrated in stark contrast how much data storage technology has grown and developed – that data that used to fit in a storage medium as large as a refrigerator can now be just a blip in a storage medium as small as your fingernail. Even blog-software cannot fit in the very first hard drives!
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Dear BlogSpot Users, We May Have A Problem (Google Video) Update: No Video Crisis For Blogger



With the recession affecting everyone (big and small), it probably came to no surprise that Google was shutting down (or stunting) a few services ranging from Google Notebook, to Jaiku to even Google Video (as mentioned by TechCrunch).

While many BlogSpot users may not be familiar (or use) the first two services, the last one may affect them tremendously as Blogger’s video upload feature is powered by Google Video. [Read more…]

Nambu: The iPhone App For Friendfeed Fanatics



Nambu, a company based out in San Fransico has developed an iPhone app that connects users to a host of services, including FriendFeed.

While I was not too impressed with their Twitter feature (as Twittelator and Tweetie have spoiled me), I was excited by the ability to post upon FriendFeed (as FriendFeed’s web app was less than inspiring). [Read more…]

Christmas Comes Early: Purchase BlogPress And Get Byline For Free? (iPhone Apps)



It looks as if Byline (a popular iPhone app for Google Reader) and BlogPress (the unofficial iPhone app for Blogger) are teaming up for the holidays by offering users the chance to download one of their respective apps for free after purchasing the other application on iTunes. [Read more…]

Should Google Declare Blogpress As Their Unofficial iPhone App For Blogger?



With the iBlogging wars still raging on in Steve Jobs back yard, a few iPhone apps are beginning to carve up the market based upon blog platforms.

While Automattic and Six Apart have created WordPress and TypePad apps, respectively, Google may want to consider annointing BlogPress (an iPhone app created by CoolLittle Things) to represent them before the Blogger masses.

Although there are other iPhone apps that can connect with BlogSpot blogs (such as LifeCast, BlogWriter and iBlogger), BlogPress’s latest update may make it the strongest contender for the hearts of Blogger fans everywhere. [Read more…] Releases Embeded Comments To Public, Flirts With iGoogle



After briefly testing embeded comments over on the draft version of Blogger (their eternal beta), Google has finally decided to push the beta feature to the public realm, as well as making embeded comments the default setting for blog*spot blogs everywhere.

(Blogger Buzz) Today we’re bringing the embedded comment form out of Blogger in draft and making it easily available to everyone. This feature puts the comment form at the bottom of each post page, below the comments, instead of on the separate, Blogger-styled page.

The embedded comment form is more convenient for your readers because they can use it to post a comment immediately, without clicking over to a different page. It also looks better, since it matches your blog’s style and colors.

What’s really interesting about the new comment form (at least for those who have never implemented it before) is the fact that Google is allowing users from competeing platforms (such as WordPress, LiveJournal, and TypePad) to comment using their own login systems, as well as the option of posting with OpenID. [Read more…]

Is iBlogger The iPhone App We Have Been Waiting For?


While some iPhone blogging apps target a certain blog platforms or even all of them (with varying results), iBlogger, an iPhone app designed by illumineX has introduced some really cool features that I found to be missing from even the official blogging apps such as WordPress and TypePad.

Even though Xanga, SquareSpace and Drupal fans will probably be excited that there is an iPhone app that can (finally) connect to their respective platforms, users of the traditional platforms (Blogger, TypePad, WordPress) may wonder why they should spend 999 pennies on an app when there other (cheaper) alternatives around.

So if you are sitting on the fence, wondering if losing $10 is worth the joy of another iPhone app, this review below is for you. [Read more…]

Google Buys Korean Blog Company

It appears as if Google have bought TNC (site in Korean), short for Tatter and Company, which is a Korean company focusing on blogs. VentureBeat reports that TNC is providing professional blogging software and services to more to 400,000 users, and also says that the sum Google paid for the company is undisclosed. No official word from Google yet.

However, TNC founder Chang Kim blogs about it over at Web 2.0 Asia (in English, thankfully, for those of us that don’t speak or read Korean), which gives quite some legitimacy to the claim. [Read more…]

WordPress Vs. BlogWriter (Battle Of The iPhone Apps!)


For those of you who belong to the WordPress faith, you may be surprised to hear that there is a second iPhone App on Apple’s favorite phone.

Called BlogWriter, this iPhone app was developed by VirtueSoft, who charges everyone a steep $10 in order to be privileged to use it.

But with WordPress providing a free alternative, the question remains: is BlogWriter worth it? [Read more…]