Calculating Your Worth as a Blogger


There is no magic calculator that will tell you how much your blogging services are worth. We each have an interdependent relationship with money that is uniquely our own. The $7.50 you just earned for that 500-word blog post might be worth your time. Or not.

During discussions with bloggers, I have found that the average blogger (not a superstar, but not a slouch) earns around $10 per 250-word post. Of course, most people exceed the word count to please their employer. (Heck, this post is contracted for 250 words and it’s closer to 500!).

So we’re looking at $.04 cents a word. But there are other factors that bring down that fee considerably. Here are a few things to consider when trying to determine if a blogging job is worth taking/keeping. [Read more…]

Blogger Arrested for Pneumonic Plague Rumors


handcuffsA medical student has been arrested in southern Russia for allegedly starting rumors that pneumonic plague, a deadly infection that can be transferred between humans, would cause the city of Saratov (POP: 800,000+) to be quarantined.

The 22-year-old blogging medical student, Ivan Peregorodiev, was publicly questioning the 17 confirmed swine flu deaths in the area, wondering ‘aloud’ if the diagnosis was correct. [Read more…]

Google Makes Blogger Smarter (Dictionary Now Included)



The boys and girls at Google have added a built in dictionary feature for Blogger fans using Blogger in Draft (Blogger’s eternal beta).

(Blogger in Draft) We recently added a dictionary with definitions and translations to “Blogger in Draft.” […]

If you’d like to see synonyms for an English word, begin by looking up its definition as above. Then, click a hyperlinked synonym to browse to its definition, and click Insert or Replace to add the currently displayed word to your composition[.] [Read more…]

iPhone Plus Blogger Plus “Troll Hate” Equals Blogium?



It looks like another BlogSpot app has entered the scene, this time from TotoCaster of Georgia (the country, not the US state).

Called Blogium, this app gives BlogSpot fans the ability to not only upload images to their Google powered blog, but also delete unwelcome comments from within the app as well (which probably means bad news for trolls and spammers). [Read more…]

Mayor “E-Saults” Blogger

You’re a “worthless piece of s**t” and a “lonely, jealous old man.”

Those are the words Mayor James D. Kalb of Portsmouth, Ohio directed at blogger Robert Forrey via e-mail.

What sparked the heated exchange? The blogger exercised the Freedom of Information Act to request records on the placement of a playground in a public park an d the involvement of the Kiwanis Club on the project. And the mayor lost his cool, firing off this e-mail at 1:47am.

Without diving into all of the facts of this otherwise boring case of small-town politics, we are curious to hear from you…

Clearly the blogger got under the skin of the politician. But does an elected official ever have the right to lay the smackdown on a blogger? Should the blogger have released the e-mail to the public?

The power of blogging continues to grow, as a basement blogger once again gets the attention of their blog’s subject, and in the process, score national headlines. No matter where you stand on this argument, blogging is a winner.

The Best $50 I Ever Spent on My Blog: Part 6


When to apply…

This is a multi-part series on the lessons I learned while seeking a freelance blogger to contribute to my Web site.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of applications poured in as soon as the job was posted. Many people feel that if they are first they will stand out from the pack. This is true to a point. You should also consider the fact that being one of the first to respond can label you a job board stalker, and in the eyes of the employer, that comes along with a negative connotation. It makes it appear as if you are not interested in a specific job but ANY job – and that’s a turn off. One could make the argument – depending on where your job post appeared – that the first people to apply are actually your biggest fans. Each hiring agent will have a different take. [Read more…]