Should a Blogger Pay To Post Content on a Website?


As a full-time guest blogger, I sometimes feel like I’ve seen it all—fake names, odd responses, rude comments, the absent-minded who forgot who I was—but the majority are, of course, normal. However, editors asking me, the writer, to pay to put my content on their site has been a growing trend. Quite frankly, I found this a bit odd. Many websites are thrilled to have my content because they feel it is quality content, I promote the content to a new audience, and the site does not have to put in the work of creating content.

Just the other day and editor explained to me that my content could be featured on the blog for $700, and a few weeks earlier an editor wanted to charge me $250. Naturally, both blogs were very authoritative and had a list of reasons why their blog was so wonderful, but I couldn’t help but think to myself: Shouldn’t you be paying me?

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Partnering With a Larger Publisher – Week 3

Knowing that I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, I tentatively entered into an agreement with US News and World Report to provide content for their “Outside Voices” career blog on a gratis basis.

So far, I do not regret this decision. I still think it’s a “resume” booster and increases blogosphere street cred. However, many of you were skeptical…perhaps rightfully so. Two weeks, and two articles later, the entries have referred – drum roll please – 17 clicks from six sources to my main blog. Ouch. That pales in comparison to the click-throughs I get from BH: where I get paid to write! ;-)

The blog entries so far are hardly the best thing since sliced bread, but with the amount of traffic the US News site generates, this click-through rate is pretty lame.

I’ve already set an end date in my head, where if the results do not improve, or at least show they will be worthwhile beyond what I’ve already done, I will terminate the arrangement.

If I were to charge $15 for a 300 word blog post, I’d be averaging about $1 per click – and that math doesn’t work for anyone involved.

Hopefully we both will continue to learn from this experience. I’ll keep you posted.