How Blogging Helped Me Keep My Sanity


Life is not a walk in the park. There will always be times when we encounter problems and trials. However, there are times when our problems can seem so large that it feels like we can’t go on anymore. It is during times like this when we need to have an outlet or else we’d just go crazy.

My life isn’t perfect. It never was and it never will be. Like you I have had my share of ups and downs. 5 years ago I discovered something about my family that shook my world. I was still in college then. I was so busy with graduation, school activities and my business of selling indoor fountains and glass vases I thought I had everything going for me. I had good grades, great friends and a bright future. Then over sem-break my mom revealed that my father owed millions to his business partner. This shocking news affected the entire family greatly. I wanted to solve it but I didn’t know how. I wanted to forget it but I knew that wouldn’t help matters. The enormity of it just seemed to consume me. I felt like my world was crashing down on me. I needed to have an outlet. So I turned to the one thing that I did best. I turned to blogging.

Everyday at the crack of dawn while everybody was still asleep I would turn on my laptop, go online and start writing like crazy. I didn’t advertise my blog. I just wanted an outlet for all this emotional turmoil within me. I went on with my life. But I never forgot to blog everyday. [Read more…]